May 29, 2009

Watching the minutes tick by...

Lately, I have felt restless. I can't relax, I can't entertain myself. I have this smothering and overwhelming feeling of complete and total boredom and too much time to think about things. I want to move and get our dog and have adventures together. I want to put things in their places. Figure out where the forks are going to go in the cabinets and organize the throwpillows. I want to lay on the deck listening to some good music and soaking in the rays. I want to sit outside with a glass of wine and look at the stars. I want to build things and paint things and make changes to create Spencer and I's home... but instead ...i'm just waiting. Waiting for the bank to call for a signature, a piece of paperwork needing extra information. Waiting to see photographs of our puppies development each week from the breeder, hating that she's not here already! I'm antsy, i'm impatient and I am so excited about the future that I want it all to be here right now!

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