July 13, 2009

Crazy times

Its been a busy week around our house lately! I finished all of the trim last night...FINALLY...and spencer worked on the bathroom. We had this awful lighting fixture. You know the type... bar of mirrored glass with bare bulbs sticking out the front. It just made the room unflattering. Last night spencer replaced that light with a pretty new one, wired the wall for a new light socket inside of the cabinet so we could plug in the toothbrush, his razor, etc. and installed a toilet paper holder in the wall. It looks soooo mugh better now, but we're not done yet! Once we finish i'll post photos of it.

We also had a nice suprise today. We ripped up the carpet in the "man den" and its beautiful inch thick hardwood underneath! Eventually we're going to rip the carpet out of most of the rooms and then stain it a deep expresso color. I think it will be simply lovely!

No picture today, but enjoy my newest music favorite. "I Love My Tamagotchi" by Loony! Back in 7th grade my tamagotchi was a puppy and I named him Scamp.

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