July 8, 2009

Everything is going to be ok...

Sometimes when life gets you down, you have to remind yourself of the reasons why everything is going to be alright. Even if the very worst thing happens, there are still things to smile about, like...

* Mia's welcome home kisses & tail wagging... it doesn't matter what the day has been like, I know she's always going to make me smile when I walk in the door.
* Spencer's messages saying, "No matter what happens, just remember that I love you."
* Hydrogen Peroxide. It may sting, but those little bubbles are a welcome sign that the worst is over.
* Having good plans with good people for a long night of dog chasing and top chef watching
* Ice cream...and lots of it. I have some Phish Food at home, and I might just eat the entire carton tonight.
* Writing all of these out and smiling as I realize that maybe everything isn't going to be terrible for long.

So that's that....and here's to hoping that pigs don't fly, and rocks don't fall from the sky at 5:00 tonight.


KLaw said...

Whatever is going on, I'm wishing for the best for you!

Kelly said...

I love your positive attitude... thanks for the reminder to keep a positive attitude. Hope whatever has you down ends soon!!!