July 29, 2009

Mia vs. the birds

These past two days have been puppyi-centric! On monday I had to go out to Loose Park for a family photo shoot. I brought Spencer along as my "assistant" and we decided Mia should come too and get some energy burned out. (That puppy is like a freight train... Nothing can stop her sometimes!)
Well, let me tell you...that girl LOVES the park! She met lots of other puppies, sniffed a few butts and found a fascination with frisbees. We went again last night for over an hour, and I think its going to be our new thing as many nights as we can! :)

She was a little nervous when we first arrived....then again Spencer did put her on top of the car for a minute while he closed the door!

...the nervousness didn't last long. This girl is FEARLESS!

She did a lot of this. She just wanted to run after all of the birds and squirrels sooo badly! Spencer accidentally let the leash slip out of his hand once and she sprinted off after a frisbee...hmmm I wonder if she thought it was a bird?

A long trip at the park just tuckered her out! She slept like this the whole 10 minute drive home, and then crashed in her kennel the second we got home!


Tracy-Girl said...

She is so cute!!! I love how well puppies sleep after a long day of playing!!

bananas. said...

what a cutie!!! i love puppies. they make me nervous though b/c all i want to do is hold them and squeeze them and love them all night long! umm...yea let's forget i just said that...lol.

Kristin said...

Love those ears. Adorable!