July 6, 2009

Finally Home.

Take a seat, grab a glass of wine and sit back. It's update time!

Spencer and I are finally all settled in at our new home! It's been quite an adventure and a LOT of late nights! Thursday, 2 weeks ago, we painted the living room and Friday I started painting the trim in the living room. This has been the most difficult room. The color on the walls originally was almost the exact same shade as the color we painted it...when the paint was wet. Sooo we had to wait for paint to dry before going over it with a second coat. It was a very long night of trying to tell the difference between old paint, wet paint, new paint. haha (one paint, two paint, red paint, blue paint!) Friday I started painting the trim, and it has been such a headache! The previous homeowners had painted the trim white in all of the rooms...except the living room. It looked so odd because they painted 1 side of each doorway white and then left the underside, and the side in the living room natural wood. All I can say is....blech. I'm actually STILL not done because I ran out of paint... and painted the windows shut. Doh!

It really has been driving me nuts and it looks so odd because they painted 1 side of each doorway white and then left the underside, and the side in the living room natural wood. All I can say is....blech.
So here is a photo of the living room before... This was with the previous homeowners furniture. Yes, the curtains made me a little seasick too.

And this is our wonderful soothing after. I just took this photo yesterday so it was a few days after painting. We have to have custom blinds cut for the large picture window in the middle which is why the little curtains are over it.It's a work-in-progress but some of our furniture is in and my mom got us these pretty roses as a housewarming!

Friday night we took a break on the painting of rooms and Spencer went with Sarah and Zach to get our couches from tha apartment, and then my mom, her fiance, my brother-in-law and my sister surprised us by coming over with trucks and strong hands to help move more stuff! They did a load and filled both trucks helping us out a ton! I stayed at the new house with my sister and lil Nephew, Collin, and painted trim... told you its been a pain!

Saturday was a really crazy day! It was the bridal shower for my good friend Laura.

I made decorations and the invitations centered around this graphic. For the party we had lots of yummy snacks and I brought some delicious white sangria made with Riesling wine, apple juice, pineapple juice, apple slices and grapes. It was FANTASTIC! We had fun playing toilet paper gown fashion sh
This is Laura with her 3 "models". The girl in the yellow won!

Followed by watching laura answer some embarrassing questions. Laura is such a great friend! I can't wait to stand up there as a bridesmaid and watch her get married!

After the Bridal Shower I drove home (after getting lost a little bit). Thank you Garmin! Spencer and his mom met me and we went back to the apartment where we loaded up everything that could fit into the truck. I had to help him carry a very heavy dresser and I swear I almost dropped the big thing down the stairs. It was pretty painful.... but we got quite a bit loaded up and all of the food out of the fridge, which is quite an adventure in itself since it has to stay cold! (good thing we only moved 15 minutes away!)
As we drove home it started to rain! I think we set a record on getting furniture ran into the house and wiping everything down so that the wood didn't get damaged!
We fell asleep the second we got everything in the door and didn't wake-up until 10am the next day!

After we woke-up we ran and got some Lamar's donuts...which are just ridiculously tasty! Spencer had to work, but Spencer's dad came over and helped me paint the bedroom and finish up Spencers "Man Den."
The bedroom before was bright orange and just felt like a cave. The walls just sucked the color into them and no matter how many lights I had on, or windows I had open, it was ridiculously dark!
This is the cave room beforehand...

And this is the light, airy room now that it's been painted. It feels like a breath of fresh air in there and the light just bounces around the room and fills it up with sunshine!

The "Man Den" was next. The original room was a babies room and it was so yellow! When we originally put our new color on the wall we couldn't figure out why our paint looked yellow. Then we looked up... yeah, they painted the ceiling light yellow!

And this is our bright green after! Soon this room will be packed full of guitars, recording equipment and art!

I worked on the bathroom on monday, but it's not completed yet so that photo will have to come at another time. We still have a lot to do, but its quickly becoming a beautiful home for the two of us! We love it here and can't wait to spend more time together building memories and buying things to fill our space. Today Spencer spent his entire day trimming trees and making our backyard clean and fantastic... but that's another post all together!

I would also like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Mia! Tuesday we drove down to get her and it was an amazing adventure! You can see her peeking her little head into a lot of the photos. We love her so much!!! I'll post a little more about her later on.

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Cute! Looks fantastic! I bet you're so relieved to have the hard parts over with.