July 16, 2009

Wedding Invitations

In the process of moving and taking my summer class, I also had to prepare for my friend Laura's big day! This weekend is her bachelorette party, and a few weeks ago was her bridal shower. For both of these I have made invitations! I had never made party invitations before, but I had a lot of fun doing it!

This is the bridal shower invite. The black bar was actual black ribbon and there was a blue bow in the middle of the black. This is of course the illustrator file so it is without the ribbon.

...and this is the invite for the bachelorette party! I love that the background looked like raindrops for the shower, and looks like fizzy bubbles for the party. :) I'm pretty happy about how they turned out!

Next up is designing her programs for the actual wedding. They will be tiffany blue, black and white (her colors!)

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Tracy-Girl said...

I love that they kind of go together! SO adorable, I love it!