August 26, 2009

School is Cool!

I start my 3rd semester of Grad School today! I can’t believe how quickly the semesters are flying by! My class this semester is, “Fundamentals of Marketing Communications”. It is the first class they want you to take in my degree program, but it’s only offered in the Fall and this is my first fall semester! I’m really excited for the class and I hear the teacher is fantastic! ☺
A few years ago if you had asked me if I would continue in school past my Bachelor’s Degree I would have said no. After all, what photographer needs a Masters degree? I’m so glad my plans have changed however, and it feels good to be learning again. My long-term goals with the degree are…..

*Continue working within Creative Services for a few years doing Graphic Design and Photography. Learn from my peers about web design.
*Transition into a marketing position, working closely with the Creative Services team.
*Find work in an advertising firm and learn how things function within the world of advertising and PR.
*Grow my photography and graphic design business on the side.
*Open my own boutique company and hire local artists to work closely with me on print and web-based campaigns.
*Learn Spanish and French on the side

I can’t wait until Graduation day! KU Grad School Class of 2012 graduating with a Masters in Marketing Communications. ☺


bananas. said...

good for you! i wish i had continued my education. the thought of school now makes me cringe so mad repsect to you.

Carol said...

Exciting!! Hope your first day goes great!

KLaw said...

Woot woot! It'll fly by, I'm sure of it. I'd love to see some of your portfolio. Share some pics some time!