August 13, 2009

Sunny Side-up please. :)

Life is good, great and wonderful. I recently realized I have spent way too much time worrying about past mistakes, fretting over things I can’t change and agonizing over what time it is and how long until the weekend. I am missing out on truly great things and wearing myself down from worry and frustration.
I have decided to let the past lie. To forgive myself when things don’t go as planned and to work toward being happy. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not depressed, and I do not have any big dark secrets in my life right now. There has not been a recent event in my life that has thrown me into despair. It is simply the daily grind of living and me not letting myself let things go and move on. I think it’s affected me in more ways than I want to believe, and the days slip by much quicker than they used to. I don’t want to look back and think of all the time I wasted waiting for the clock to change and time to pass.
I want to embrace the moments and live my life happily. To have each precious minute mean something. To let go of anger, frustration, boredom and just be happy.
I have made a vow to myself to remember each morning that it is going to be a good day. To start my day out with positive affirmation and remember that I am truly blessed to have the life I do. To get ready and take the time to laugh at Mia throwing her toy as I curl my hair. To never forget to kiss Spencer good-bye on my way out the door. To relax and breathe deep on my drive to work, and to walk in with a smile and a friendly hello.
I think that bad moods are self-inflicted. They start the second you wake-up and if you don’t kick them in the butt they grow and fester. They affect your day and all of a sudden another things goes wrong and you fall down faster than a dog riding in a car.
I am going to live happy now, and this past week has been a testament to my promise of a happy life. I’ve started out each day positively and that feeling has lasted throughout the day. I don’t lie in bed worrying about things. I fall asleep quickly and drift off into blissful dreams. So, if any of you see me being negative remind me that its not worth it and I need to let go.
To help myself I’m starting “Sunny-Side-up Thursdays”. A list of the things that have brought me cheer this week, and made me feel fantastic! Every week I will post my Sunny Side-Up list. Why Thursdays? Because in college I used to have a tradition where me and all the girls ordered Chinese and watched Grays Anatomy together. Thursday nights were a ritual and something I looked forward to every week. Now I have a new Thursday ritual and I couldn’t be more excited!

Sunny-Side-Up Thursdays

Spencer and I received our “congratulations on your new house” surprise from the government! We’re going furniture shopping tonight!

I got some new music this week. Sara Bareilles, Black Eyed Peas and Matt & Kim have been playing non-stop since Wednesday and making me want to dance!

I ordered some beautiful necklaces on Etsy and they finally came in! White Owl (on left) and CosmicGirl

I won the The Brightside Project! I get my choose of gold post earrings from Viv + Ingrid …My only problem is choosing which pair I want! What do you guys think?

This little girl. She gets into everything and she tore a hole in the bottom of my Cherry Limeade cup the other day spilling limeade EVERYWHERE… but I love her and I smile a little more everyday when I see her.

Lost. I always wanted to watch it but I couldn’t justify spending the money to get the first season. Luckily my favorite thing ever, the Roku box from Netflix, has the first 4 seasons on it right now! I’m almost through the first season and I am HOOKED!

This was a long post, but it made me feel good and made me smile to write. I hope it brought a smile to your face as well, and don’t forget to live your life “sunny-side-up today!



Carol said...

Glad things are going so well for you! :)

KLaw said...

I'm glad you're sunny side up!

Your dog is just too adorable for words! And you can't beat the tax credit cash. Holler!

bananas. said...

oh man i remember when i got my new homeowner tax credit. it came and went so fast. have fun shopping! and if you have any extra go to hawaii. that's what i did. :)

Elizabeth said...

I just checked out Matt &! Thanks for sharing :)