October 21, 2009

Branson, Mo.

It was the event of the year! 110 of Spencer’s relatives were invited from the old, to the newly born. We left early Saturday morning to get on the road for the long drive to Branson. But first, we had a day filled with puppies because we knew they would be lonely all weekend at the kennel.

Friday, October 16…
Spencer and I slept in until 11:00! I haven’t slept that long in a LONG time. We got up, showered and got the girls ready to go to the park. They played Frisbee, chased tennis balls and even romped with the big dogs filling the park with barks and shouts of “awww” from everyone who watched them. After we went home we baked some delicious chocolate chip cookies…

...and settled in for the night to watch some much-deserved television (it was the 2 hour premiere of Ugly Betty!! Which just happens to be one of my favorite shows!) After Ugly Betty we had some romping time on the bed before falling asleep….
Mia was watching Betty, who was on the floor, and was ready to pounce!

She laid down to get a closer look...

…and then Mia turned into a vampire!

Saturday, October 17…
We woke up at 6am, got ready and jumped in the car with the girls. We took the girls to the kennel where they proceeded to freak out! We filled out some paperwork and turned to walk toward the door, and then Mia ran out from behind the counter and broke our hearts in two! She was tugging against her leash as hard as she could so she could see us and her little face just screamed out, “noooooooooooooooo”. ……we couldn’t get that little face out of our minds the entire weekend!
We then drove up to the gas station to meet Spencer’s parents, brother-in-law and sister so we could follow one another to Branson. I got myself a yummy Cinnamon dolce latte, a breakfast burrito and settled in under the blanket for the 4 hour drive to Branson….

Our destination: The Honeysuckle Inn..

Along the way we saw all kinds of amazing sites!

..lots of cows…

A big metal barn selling fudge, pecans…. and produce?! ..hmmm I think I’ll pass….

It was pretty cold and rainy, so Spencer and I were snuggled up in our hoodies…

Grim Reaper? Nope…it’s just Spencer!


After a few hours, we finally started to see the pretty Branson scenery!

Isn’t it beautiful!? I love the fall!

Spencer’s relatives lived in a HUGE house up the mountain from Tablerock Lake. I waned to stay up there for hours! The view was absolutely breathtaking!

Gorgeous, isn’t it? They own 3 separate lots so that they can have an un-interrupted view.

Spencer and I. <3

Zach & Sarah.

After meeting-and-greeting with some family members we all piled back into the car to head to the hotel and check-in. After a few wrong turns, and a little creative/scenic driving we made it!

Quaint, isn’t it?

We got ready and then it was time for the Dixie Stampede! …it was…different. There was so much food it was ridiculous, and you had to eat with your hands! Cheese bread, vegetable soup, an ENTIRE chicken, a hamsteak, a potato and corn-on-the-cob! I can’t imagine how much food is wasted in that place…. They didn’t allow photographs during the show, but here’s a little pre-show for you…

You sit in a big u-shape seating arena and the show happens in the center. Those people on the other side were cheering for the South. I was cheering for the North ☺.

Spencer didn’t want me to take his photo….

..he eventually gave in though. ☺

After I took those photos they told us no photography was allowed, so I had to put away the camera. The show was interesting… it told the story of how ponies once ran wild, and then the native Americans came (and danced around in neon colors) and then the war started. North vs. South… Definitly not historically accurate, but the 2 sides competed in races, trick horseback riding and my favorite…piglet and tiny pony races!!! The South won and the show ended in the craziest “I’m proud to be an American” way with light-up flag costumes and a giant screen featuring a close-up to a singing Dolly Parton! Like I said…interesting….
After the Dixie Stampede we went back to the hotel for some family time with board games and chat. We hung out and I was introduced to a few of the extended family by Spencer’s grandma Lesh. Afterward Zach, Sarah, Spencer and I went on an adventure of “the strip”. They really are like a wholesome Vegas! We found the backroads and got some yummy ice cream. I got the “Branson Turtle” with chocolate and caramel…which sent Zach into fits of laughter because Spencer’s nickname is Turtle…. Haha, we definitely left the “Wholesome Vegas” idea behind after that and couldn’t stop laughing as another woman yelled out to the ice cream man, “I’ll take a Branson Turtle!!”

Sunday, October 18…

I wish we could have spent another day there and rode go-carts, explored the toy museum and maybe caught “Spirit of the Dance” which I think would have been a FAR better show. ☺ I think we might have to take a vacation there in the spring!
On the way home we stopped by Osceola Cheese. A small place right off the highway where they sell 120 different varieties of homemade cheese! We got some cheese curds, garlic cheese and dill havarti cheese. We also took a photo with the mascot….

Hello! ☺

Sarah and Zach took a photo too!

When we got home we went and picked-up the girls and then spent the rest of the evening wearing them down! They were soooo wound-up!

Crazy Betty!!!!!

Spencer playing tug with Betty and her new toy.

So, that was our weekend. I’ve spent the last few days recuperating and playing with the girls. ☺ Hope you all enjoyed the little tour of Branson!



KLaw said...

What a fun weekend! I am very envious of all of your fall weather! Looks like a blast!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

So much fun! I have always wanted to go to something like the Dixie Stampede!

bananas. said...

chocolate chip cookies and cheese!!! oh girl you had a good weekend :)

~KS said...

Love your Halloween header... love all of your pics, but especially love the one where Mia turned into a vampire!! Hee hee... so adorable!

Carol said...

What a busy/fun weekend!! I made cookies too, but yours look better than mine!

kelleidoscope said...

Those cookies look sooo good! and Branson looks really pretty:)

Annie said...

it looks like you had so much fun and you got to do and see so many things!
those cookies look delicious!!