November 17, 2009

Ambitions, Dreams and Fraggles!

I won an award!!!

Given to me by the absolutely beautiful, simple, sweet and silly sophisticate with amazing taste! I couldn't think of a better lady to be given such an honor! :)

You all know the rules. I tell you 10 absolutely jaw-dropping facts about my lil life and then pass on the honor to 10 ladies who represent beauty, class and style. (and if they also have the ability to burp the alphabet backwards...well I think that PERSONIFIES class!)

1. When I was little I used to wish my name was Veronica. It was because of Veronica in the Archie comics. The girl was gorgeous, rich and had legs to die for! (even if she was a total B!) My mom used to get me an archie comic when we went to WalMart. I would always search for the one with Veronica on the cover and I would go home and read it right away! Although, in real life I believe i'm more of a Betty. :)

2. In 4th grade I was in the school talent show. I got up on stage in front of the ENTIRE elementary school dressed as princess Jasmine. I sang "Part of your World" BOTH parts with confidence and didn't even see the crowd I was so caught up in my performance. I didn't win but my mom was sitting in the back of the room and said that a little kindergarten girl, once I had completed my song and exited stage left, looked at her mother and said, "Where did Jasmine go!?" (my costume was 2 piece with my belly showing. My mom made it for me by hand...Kids have too many restrictions these days. )

3. In elementary school we had skate parties every few months where all the students could go skate for only $1. I LOVED skating and once I put those babies on I felt like pretty hot stuff. At the skating rink they had all of the "special skates". Couples skate, all girls, all boys, the limbo, the hokey-pokey etc. The All-Boys skate was going on so I went off the floor and went over to my mom. She bought me a soda and as I sat drinking it I heard the music change and my favorite song come on. Yeah, that's right...Mariah Carey & Boyz 2 Men singing "One Sweet Day. I zinged around the rink to the opening and took off! After one lap everyone was pointing and laughing and the adult dressed like a referee skated over to me to tell me I was out during all boys skate and I needed to exit right away! Tears came to my eyes as I raced to the exit past all the boys laughing at me, through the exit to chants of people calling me a boy! It was the most humiliating moment of my life...but I laughed it off and told them that the boys should have been done skating anyways because they got a song and I was taking a stand for all the girls!

4. I love Elmers glue. Growing-up I loved playing with glue. I would put it all over my palms and smack my hands together until it was tacky and then once it dried completely I would peel it all off. I thought it was so cool how it would come off in one piece and you could see all the lines in your hand printed on it. haha, I was a weird kid. :)
Did you ever wonder why Elmer is a goblin looking thing? He always kind of creeped me out! Is he still on glue packaging?

5. I mourn the loss of Planter's Cheez Balls. They were my favorite snack growing up. Nothing was better than throwing a cheese ball in the air and trying to catch it. Planters choose to discontinue this little orange-fingered goodie in favor of healthier snacking alternatives. R.I.P cheez are greatly missed....I almost cry a little thinking back to your golden crunchy goodness.

6. My favorite show from the 80's is Fraggle Rock. I loved the fraggles! I love the songs they sang. I love madam trash heap and Jr. Gorg. I even miss old uncle traveling Matt...although, he did tend to be pretty boring from time to time. I plan to have this entire box set for my kids to watch one day...and if I happen to sit there and watch it with them then so be it!
I was in competitive drama AKA: Forensics in high school and my sophomore year I competed in poetry. I got all the way to State competition in Missouri AND Kansas by performing, "Boober Fraggles Celery Souffle"! Watch out Maya Angelou, Boober Fraggle is going to rock the competition!!!

7. My favorite section in the bookstore is the little kids section. I love going and sitting on the floor and reading all of my favorites like The Little House, Cloudy w/a chance of Meatballs (the book...NOT the movie...), Ramona the Pest, Green Eggs & Ham, Ms. Nelson is Missing and the Polar Express. A cup of coffee, no time limits and lots of illustrated children's classics is my idea of perfect. :)

8. I have seen this movie so many times I have it memorized! (word for word). I know it never won any awards and it is lesser known but I think it is such an empowering movie. It gives me chills, gives me hope and helps me relax. I absolutely love it.

9. I have fallen in love with the cottage from the movie, "The Holiday". I would love to spend a day sitting in this beautiful cottage surrounded by falling snow, beautiful scenery and quiet peace. A glass of wine, cozy clothes and Spencer would make this place my absolute perfect spot. :)

10.Baking makes me feel pretty! I have no idea why but when i'm baking something that takes time and care it makes me feel beautiful. rolling out dough, measuring ingrediants, filling the house with warmth, fragrance and a little sprinkling of just makes me feel good! (even if I haven't showered and i'm dressed in my PJ's still. )

I hope you all enjoyed my little list! Thanks for following along! (it was a wee bit long winded) I guess I love talking about myself haha!
I would like to pass this little gift along to....
Mara of M Loves M
Cristin of Living Greenlee
Kym of Bee Creative
Emily of E Tells Tales
Summer of B is for Brown
Annie of Hoot-n-Annie
Rasha of and this is what she said...
Kate of Simply Said by Simply Me
Kellie of Kelleidoscope
and Chloe of Sean + Chloe

Have fun girls!!!


carrie1 said...

I love EVER AFTER! I watch it ALL the time... and the same with The Holiday!

Simone said...

I loved reading this, you really made me smile....and that cottage from "The Holiday" gorgeous!!


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Awww. I just wanna hug you!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!! You are awesome and I love your facts on life!!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

OMG we are long lost soul mates. I am borderline freaked out by your list cause I am all about EVERYTHING you wrote down! Cheez Balls.....WHY did they take them away!!! At one of our skating parties my name was announced over the loud speaker and istead of Brynn the said Bryan...I was the most totally mortified 1st grader ever!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Yes! The popping sound when you open the can and that first delicious whiff of cheesy goodness.....tragic loss in the food world. I could easily put down a whole can in one sitting.

Anonymous said...

awww! yay for awards! i am glad we got to find out more about you! i will probably do this tonight!! I used to do that thing with the elmers glue all over my hands too! and... i LOVED fraggle rock. and i love the cottage in the holiday. we could totally be real life friends :)

SJ said...

I love all your stories! I absolutely adore Ever After. Best. Movie. Ever.

Dani said...

I feel pretty when I'm baking too! Makes me feel feminine or something... :)

~KS said...

I loved Fraggle Rock!!!
And is that movie scene "Ever After?" If so... I adore that movie too...
What a fun list- I love getting to know people better!!!
And congrats on the award- so very well deserved!!