November 12, 2009

Sunny Side Up!

I am SO angry!!!!! ABC canceled Eastwick! They didn’t even give a warning! It just wasn’t on last night and when I checked online it said it has been canceled. No warning what-so-ever! Even the director said he didn’t get warning and wasn’t able to alter the last episode to wrap-up loose-ends! Grrrrr stupid people canceling my shows!!!!! If you loved this show to then go right now and sign the petition and keep it alive!

Ok, back on track to being positive…. I’m getting an A in my grad class! YAY! So far, so good…now I just have to keep it up! *Smiles* and now it’s time for…

Fey Handmade I love this little shop! Fey Handmade has beautiful artwork, pillows, clothing, accessories, kitchen wares and gifts! I find myself looking at everything, coming back and finding more! An absolutely BEAUTIFUL shop. I’m definitely going to be ording some of the artwork very soon!

Lala I am OBSESSED with LALA! You can listen to full albums for free! Just add things to your queue and listen to anything your little heart desires, free of commercials! The only catch is that it only allows you to listen to a song once unless you buy it, but because of that I have found a lot of great new groups and albums. Right now my playlist consists of MGMT, The Postal Service, Rihanna, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer, Tegan and Sara, Britney Spears and the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack….

Up! I got Up! And Monsters Inc. on Bluray at target for only $8 each!!! Go to here to learn how you can too! …and if you haven’t seen Up! GO SEE IT! It is the sweetest little movie and “SQUIRREL!” you are sure to fall absolutely in love with it! Just don’t forget the tissue box. ☺

Peanut M&M’s I bought a little bag of these babies at the Halloween after sale and have been munching on a few in the afternoons. They really make the day go by and give me a little bit of relaxation in my otherwise chaotic day!

Sesame Street Cake Pops!!! How cute are these little guys!? In honor of the Sesame Street Anniversary this week Bakerella made cake pops out big Bird, Elmo, Oscar and COOKIE MONSTER! My favorite characters were always Cookie Monster, Snuffulupagus and Oscar (although I always wondered what his bottom half looked like since he always stayed in the trash can!)

Cozy sweaters Since when did Abercrombie get such absolutely beautiful clothes!? I am in LOVE with this sweater!

Ok everyone! Go sign the petition, buy Up! And eat a cake pop! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I’ll be spending mine touring a local beer brewery and spending some quality movie/couch time with Spencer and my good friend Steph!



The SSS Sophisticate said...

I have never watched Eastwick, but I thought people loved it! Why did they cancel it?? Soooo I just went to Lala and am TOTALLY obsessed already! Bye bye Pandora!

Amber said...

Oh... I loved Up! Who knew a cartoon could make you cry so much? And thanks for the lala info. I have never heard of it and usually use pandora but I am going to check it out!

KLaw said...

Brewery tours and cupcake pops? What's not to love?!

Have a great weekend!

bananas. said...

i could dive in that sweater and live in it! YUP!

congrats on your A. you are killin grad school!

Summer B. said...

Yay for A's!

I never saw Eastwick. :(

I love those cake pops and need them now.

Oh and that sweater, I will take a M. Thanks!

Tracy-Girl said...

Congrats on your A in your grad class... that is awesome!! And I cannot wait to see the movie Up, I have heard so many great things about it!

Kym said...

hey jenni! thanks so much for dropping by! sorry to hear about your show being cancelled, but YAY to your A in grad class! *mmmmmm* i want those cake pops. *SQUIRREL!*

SJ said...

i heard about eastwick! how sad. congratulations on your A! that sweater is gorgeous... Abercrombie is surprising.

Annie said...

your show was cancelled, what a bummer!! sorry, i don't know anything about that show but i'd be totally upset if a show i loved was cancelled!
YAY for an A!! you rock girly!!
those cakepops are adorable!! after my epic cakepop failure i refuse to attempt them again, i'm stubborn.
i desperately want some warm comfy sweaters!! the one you posted is so cute!! i'm sure it is not in my price range though ;)

hope you have a great weekend hun!! XO

Ela said...

That sweater is awesome. And those cake pops, oh my goodness - yums and so cute!
I loved UP - such a cute movie, and wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. Hubs loved it too.
So sad when networks cancel my fave shows - boo :(
Congrats on the A - that is AAAwesome!