December 8, 2009

A friendly Reminder

The contest ends December 28th so we are about halfway there and Mia is holding her own! She's in 21st place out of 2081 entries! :) My baby is a celebrity! (If you would be so kind please hit the green button! You can vote once every 24 hours using the link on my sidebar as well!) THANKS!


Anonymous said...

so, when it died? i had the apple care. HOWEVER, they so kindly informed me in a not so kind way, that the battery was considered "consumable" so it was not covered under apple care. its "normal wear and tear" umm..really? cuz i had it for like 2 years and spent $1400 dollars on really? i was so angry, i emailed apple and got a call from them and they wanted to hear the situation, (i had taken it into this store called simplymac, and they said it was covered at first because there had been a recall on that specific battery. then they called me the next day, telling me to come pick it up because it was consumable and not covered, i flipped of course.) so anyway, i told them about it, and they said that the recall had expired. well i told them, "funny how i was never notified of the recall. batterys were catching on fire...and you have my email address from when i bought this computer, shouldn't you have emailed me notifying me this danger and recall?" they felt bad and told me they would "grant me a one time free batter replacement" so yeah.. i got a new one! had to send in the old one..but yeah. being persistent paid off in that situation! i may be lazy..but hey, that whole thing was ridiculous. so if i were you i would email them and see what you can do. oh, and my email is !

Simone said...

I voted!!!

Where did all those extra entrants come from? Do they not know it's Mia's name on that trophy??!! :)

PS I loved your story of the bad day that turned into the good day and how lovely Spencer fixed your computer lead - he is husband would have been useless LOL :)

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Smae with with Chloe happened to me. I was a complete biotch and they sent me one.

Sorry about that!

Voted for Mia again :)

Kimbirdy said...

Go Mia!

Caroline said...

Just voted!!! :) xo

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY adroable.
you've got my vote!


~KS said...

I voted!! And I will vote again in 23 hours and 59 minutes!! And then again!
Go Mia Go! Love her!!