December 21, 2009

HoHoHo & Bah-Humbug!


HoHoHo Christmas is in 4 days!!!
Bah-Humbug! I have to wait 4 days until Christmas!
HoHoHo I only work 2 days this week and i'm off work!
Bah-Humbug! Work has been so busy I haven't had time to read any blogs in the last week! Eek! I feel so out of the loop.....
HoHoHo I designed my pink Reebok Easytone shoes and decided to purchase them on friday night!!!
Bah-Humbug! The site was having technical errors and wouldn't let me purchase them! My cute shoes are still sitting in my shopping cart ready to purchase, and i'm still unable to!
HoHoHo It's FREEZING and really starting to feel like Christmas!
HoHoHo Spencer had sunday off so we spent the day with the puppies! We went and got their nails trimmed, took them to the barkery and had some romping time at the park! We than went to his family Christmas party and it was a lot of fun!
Bah-Humbug! He now has to work until close every night this week since he switched with someone to get sunday off....
HoHoHo We went to the store and got some fresh Eggnog for me to try! I was so excited because i've never had it before!
Bah-Humbug! ....I realized I don't really love egg nog.... Maybe it's better warm? Anyone have any suggestions on how to make it better?
HoHoHo Thursday night all the presents were wrapped with care under the tree!
Bah-Humbug! Friday night I came home to an unwrapped present that had been destroyed by the puppies!!! We had to go buy a new BluRay movie for my brother-in-law..... but on the plus side, they didn't destroy the actual disk, so now Spencer and I have Transformers on BluRay!
HoHoHo We found stockings for the girls!!!
Bah-Humbug! ...we haven't found stocking hangers that we like yet...sooo our stocking are hanging with care from the curtain rod. :)
HoHoHo Did I mention it's 4 days until christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

The HoHoHo's FAR outweigh the Bah-Humbug's . I hope yours do too!!!

Happy Holidays!!!


Morgan said...

Cute idea for a post!

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Cute I love this!

Caroline said...

What a great list!!!! Have a great Holiday!!! xo

Toothfairy said...

ONLY 2 days at work!!!! wow yay for you! I still have 3 left... :S


Kimbirdy said...

Haha! I like this post. And I don't like egg nog either, and my stockings are hung by scotch tape - ghetto but effective. :)

Blair said...

I LOVE this post!!!


~KS said...

What a super fun idea to do for a post!!

I just voted for Mia again... I just love her!

Did you see the recipe on my blog for homemade eggnogg (from last night)? I have never tried it... but I am going to. And the recipe is from another blogger who promises it is heavenly...

bananas. said...

just say NO to bah humbugs!

i like the hohoho's better anyway :)


Whitney said...

This was a great post! How fun!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

So cute! I hope you have a great Christmas!