January 6, 2010

I'm alive!!!

I feel like I have been so neglectful of this little blog of mine and I feel like i'm missing something each night when I realize that I haven't had time to post YET again.... soooo here's a little bit of why i've been so busy!

1. Work has been CRAZY! projects, photographs, people needing this, people needing that! My afternoons seem to keep flying by with me not even realizing what time is it! Let alone being able to check in one my favorite blogs to bring a little cheer and sunshine into my little cubicle world!

2. I'm sick. The past few days I have been filled with scratchy throat, tired eyes and my nose is dripping like a leaky faucet. I'm talking the kind where it hurts to touch your nose because it's raw from all the blowing and you dread the next 5 minutes passing because you know your scratchy tissue is going to have to be used again! Hello antibacterial hand gel, you are my best friend right now...well, that and mucinex....because seriously I sound like a muppet who ate a porcupine! But on a side note: Have you smelled the Midnight Pomegranate hand gel from Bath & Body Works? It is seriously amazing and I LOVE it. :) So I suppose my leaky self at least smells nice?

3. Wedding plannning! If one thing has completely consumed my life then this would be it! I have emailed 50 venues, we have visited 8, I have spoken to multiple ones on the phone and we kept coming up with responses of too small, can't accomodate wedding & ceremony in the same place, too expensive, or booked up from May-Nov! Eeep! Who knew you had to plan a wedding a year in advance!? haha, ok...maybe I did know that...but I was hoping we'd squeak by! (and last night we may have found our place!!!! But more on that further down...)
Not that i'm complaining. It's actually been a lot of fun! My sister has sent me websites to look at, Spencer and I have discussed colors/flowers/etc. and we have come up with some awesome stuff to really make our wedding fun for everyone!
Some of these include.....

Sarah has out-done herself with all of the AMAZING ideas she keeps coming up with!!! So far we have decided that we are having 5 cakes. Our main wedding cake, and 4 smaller round cakes. Our "wedding cake" ...the one we actually cut into... is going to be vanilla. We don't want to get too crazy with cake flavors on at least that one. Some people just prefer a "bland" cake. Although, when I say "Bland" this will be FAR from it...just a little bit of a "lighter fare". It's going to be two levels, vanilla, with a hint of lemon!


Yes, that's right we are having an amazing, "bland", vanilla/lemon 2-tiered cake with a little turtle and squirrel perched on top. :) I believe this will be iced smooth and possibly have some of our colors incorporated into it, or some pretty lace work thanks to Sarah's fancy icing tools/skills. up next....
Yes, that IS chocolate and coffee! Our first of the four smaller cakes is going to be a rich chocolate cake with mocha frosting! We want people to really be awake all night! haha, and it totally combines two of my favorite things. :) Next, we will highlight Spencer's favorite cake...


Poppyseed! He LOVES poppyseed cake...sooo we're taking a traditional poppyseed and making it stylish. Perfect for any fancy party with that great poppyseed flavor. (Just make sure you aren't having a drug test the next day!)
The next cake we're decided on is....


Chocolate Raspberry! I LOVE this combination in everything! candy bars, ice cream, fresh fruit..mmmm chocolate and raspberry just work beautifully together and I think this is going to be quite a stunning cake!!!!
Our final cake we haven't decided on. Could it be some type of strawberry? Caramel? Peanut Butter? the possibilities are limitless! I think these cakes are going to be just perfect and I can't wait to have our taste test with sarah!!!

We had our flower appointment yesterday and I am sooo excited about what we will be getting! Of course nothing is final, but right now our flowers will combine a little bit of this....


circus roses

golden callas

The woman doing our flowers is amazing and so nice. She had some really brilliant ideas and I know she'll do a great job since she did my sisters a few years back!
and....here's a little sneakpeek at what may be our venue!!!

but that's all i'll say about that for the moment...

In other news: I am getting in shape!!!

My copy of Bridal Bootcamp by Cynthia Conde should be delivered to my doorstep sometime this afternoon. It is the book my sister used when she got married and she dropped an astounding amount of weight and was an absolutely stunning little bride! It outlines diets and exercises in easy to understand terms and helps you keep track of everything! (now I just need to kick this cold in the butt so I can really start kicking some butt!!!)

I also start classes next week. Yes, it is back to school for me and I will be taking 2 classes this time! (I typically do one at a time) sooo cross your fingers that I survive this semester! With all the wedding talk, class, homework I have a feeling I am not going to stop at all for the next few months!

Well...unless it's to tune in to some of these shows!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this ridiculously long post! I promise to get around to each of your blogs very soon to see what is going on in all of your lives!!!!!


Anonymous said...

so good to hear from you Jenni! i am so sorry you are sick! but it seems like you have gotten alot done on the wedding front..and if not done..at least somewhat figured out! you are awesome! and yay for shows! i am finally almost caught up on Grey's! hope you get feeling better soon!!

Cristin said...

Yay!! I'm glad you had time to post! I'm excited for your venue, if you choose it, it will be beautiful!

KLaw said...

Look at all this wonderful stuff on your plate! yay! I am so grateful to have a very small part in the inside details! :)

carrie1 said...

YAY! I love wedding details!

Hope you feel better soon! =)

SG said...

Looks like you've made a lot of progress so far with the wedding plans. I've been planning mine for just about a year now and still have so much left to do! It can be overwhelming but you seem to have a good handle on it.

I love your taste in TV shows. I CAN'T WAIT for LOST to start up again!

Anonymous said...

You have been busy!!

I love love love that BBW smell!

my name is lauren. said...

yay! glad you're back. you were missed :).

and as for all your wedding details...uh-may-zing! the venue looks to perfect and i love ranunculus'...so pretty!

good luck with the bridal bootcamp! i know you'll do awesome!

Amber said...

Drooling!!! Drooling...wow all of those cakes sound outstanding!! I can't wait to see more details, because so far it looks like it going to be an amazing wedding!

Oh... I did make my happy list on my blog today from the 101 happy award. Thanks again for the award!!

Rasha said...

Missing you.. and yay all this is gorgeous. love it!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Sounds like you are moving right along with your wedding planning! Its crazy how fast places book up! We booked ours over a year in advance and at that point they only had three Saturdays left for the summer!

Kristin said...

I'm totally drooling over the sound of your cake!!