February 26, 2010

Friday Musing


In honor of friday, and of being lazy (its been a long week!) this post will be random thoughts and musings. :)

Mia is a jerk. Don't let the cute little face fool you. When my alarm goes off she makes it her mission in life to make sure I wake-up and pay attention to her! She will lick my toes, walk across my bladder multiple times and take her little paw up to my face..."scratch, scratch scratch SMACK!"

I am going to Cinzetti's for lunch! It's my girl Bridget's big 2-7 and we are celebrating with a lunchtime italian feast of bruschetta, salad, pasta, veggies and deserts! OH the deserts!!! Sugar-cinnamon cannoli, gelato, chocolate lava cake! YUM! I can't wait!

In class last night we discussed the role that luck plays in coming up with a great idea. But, I believe that people make their own luck. They decide what they want to do and they work toward it. No one will achieve anything just sitting and hoping that "lady luck" will shine down and give them $100K.... I said this to the people in my class and I was scoffed and told that Luck is definitly a major role and some people are just lucky! ....I think my class is full of slackers wanting an excuse, and not a reason.

Holey Donuts?! I want to jump on board, but these just seem to be too good to believe! Holey Donuts claim to be hand made, ultra low fat, no cholesterol, gourmet donuts based in New York City. A light donut that leaves no greasy after taste. I REALLY want to jump on board with these and give them a try! They sound absolutely delicious! Has anyone tried them? Can you attest to their greatness?

Did you know that an ant can kill an elephant? I photographed an event yesterday and one of the speakers was talking about an energy system which was basically a box with tubes (he had a photo). All of a sudden he stopped what he was saying and said, "Did anyone know an ant can kill an elephant? In Asia, where I live, elephants die because one little ant will crawl up their trunks and touch just the right place. It throws the elephants equilibrium off and they fall down where they die." He was using it to explain how one little thing can ruin the entire project. How many other ways can this serve as an illustration? in life? in friendship?

Spencer and I are having an engagement "party" next weekend! It's really just more of an excuse to throw a party and have all of our friends come over drink some beer and act silly. :) I figured I might as well make a few snacks for people to munch on and I think i've decided on my polka-dot pumpkin cupcakes, some cream-cheese pinwheels, beer dip and maybe some chocolate chip cookies? What's an easy appetizer you've made thats not very expensive?

I am in love with this from Lou & Lee. You can get any of the flowers in their shop in kid or adult size.... Is it too little kid for an adult?

I am halfway through the second season of the Tudors and the King makes me so mad! Yes, I know that I should have expected it since history tells us that yeah, the king was an ass and I should have known everything that was going to happen! Well, I tend to get absorbed in a show and hope that it isn't going to turn out the way I know it is going to....example: Titanic! I really wanted to the boat to not sink! ....and I still have an issue with the fact that she didn't scoot over and share that floating door. I know if Spencer were in freezing water wearing a thin shirt I wouldn't just leave him there after trying twice!

I want to see this movie. I have read the first 3 books in the series, and I would like to go get the next one so I can read it too! The story can be a little cheesy at times, and its definitly not written as well as Harry Potter, but I find myself absorbed in it and I need to finish them! I believe it's because of my facination with Greek Mythology. When I was little I had a book of Greek Myths and would read it cover to cover multiple times! I loved learning about the minotaur, about roman battles, about mythical creatures and how they caused the world to be the way it is today. As I read the Percy Jackson books I love when a new character comes into the story. I end up racing in my brain to figure out which god is in disguise this time before I get a chance to read it in the story....which can be difficult because I am a very fast reader. :)

It's the freaking weekend!!! We have BIG plans for this weekend. Spencer has saturday off for the first time in a long long time...so we're doing a laundry list of things we've been putting off....opening our wedding bank account, grocery shopping, trimming the dogs nails, picking up some things around town, cleaning out our garage (which may take 3 days!) and tentatively having dinner with friends if everything works out! I don't know if we'll get it all done, but i'm crossing my fingers!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!



Simone said...

"....the King makes me so mad"!!!. You do make me smile Jenni :) I didn't see The Tudors but I heard it was great.

I loved reading this...hope you have a wonderful week-end. And yay for an engagement party :)

PS Sugar-cinnamon cannoli....any chance you could mail me one?! We just don't get good cannoli in the UK, I think it's cos all the southern Italians went to the US. Have one for me maybe :) Yum! xo

Rasha said...

YAY weekends.

bananas. said...

so funny...i was just bitching about my adorable dog too. those faces man...they're deceiving.

in regards to donuts, i used to eat those every day as a kid. i loved donuts. then one lunch time, my mom had packed my fav-o donut in my lunchbag. i was so stoked...that is until i got sick and was stuck crappin myself all day.

since then, i can't even look at a donut. horrible huh?

anyway, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!

MCW said...

I need to catch up on the Tutors as well! What season are they on?
I have not tried Holey Donuts...I guess I will have to go and do a review???

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Get some little smokies, bbq sauce, and toothpicks. Throw the little smokies in a crockpot with the bbq sauce until they are warm and serve!

KLaw said...

Um, can I come play at your party? pwetty pwetty pweeez?

Have a great weekend dollface!

Morgan said...

Have a great weekend! And love that flower as well. So pretty!

Kimbirdy said...

Okay, one appetizer I like to make is artichoke/spinach dip. It's super easy and fast to make on the cheap, and great to serve with cut up bread {or baguette if you want to be fancy}.

I usually use this recipe, minus the red pepper flakes {I don't like it spicy, but some people do}:


Ela said...

Did not know an ant could do that! Wow.

How about some oven toasted pita and hummus? My friends love seafood so I make a crab dip as well.

S and I want to see that movie too, I think it'll be fabulous.

Micaela said...

TGIF! (though i like your expression better!)

hope the birthday lunch was FABULOUS :) and i didn't know that about an ant and elephant... pretty crazy eh? i'm going to tell Max that little fact and impress him with my knowledge before i tell him i know it thanks to my lovely blog friend Jenni :) xoxo

i'm excited for your engagement party! can't wait to hear about it.


Liz said...

ha, ha, that is funny about Mia.

but Cinzetti's sounds delish. Happy two-seven to your girl Bridget.

that is so true Jenni, i'm with you on the Luck thing.

for some reason i cannot see the donut image, but then again maybe it's a sign for me to not get tempted, but then again (and again) i picked up some mexican sweet bread on my way home today, lol. ooh, i'm bad, he he.

that is so cool about your engagement party and your munchies sound even yummier.

NO! to your question about Lou and Lee. that is a gorgeous flower, i love it. love the colors. go ahead and flaunt it.

i still wanna see Tudors, enjoy my girlie.

Whew! you do have quite an itinerary for this weekend but it all sounds like fun in the end of it all. have lotsa fun, be merry and enjoy my dear.

thanks so much for always visiting and commenting.

luv ya,


Belen said...

Seriously Jenni, I wish we lived close to one another. I think we'd have some good stuff to talk about.. our pups, Percy Jackson, elephants and ants. This post was super fun.

I'm finishing up book 3 and I'm excited to move onto 4 as well. I wish I had gotten the whole series in hardcover cuz that's the kind of gal I am. But I couldn't find any and bought the first 4 in paperback and now I'm waiting on the 5th to come out in paperback. and guess what, as soon as I bought the first 4, freaking Barnes & Noble had shelves full of hardcover! I was so mad!

~KS said...

Those pics of your pups... holy cuteness. WOW. Love them.

Liz said...

hi jenni...

hope your weekend was a whole lotta fun.

just wanted to share this link with you...


i thought of you and mia as i was reading it.