February 5, 2010

It's Here!!!!

and it's beautiful outside right now!

This is the view outside the window right now

It has been a VERY long week this week.....this morning my body was simply refusing to crawl out of bed. My mind was saying to get up, that I needed to get moving but my energy and will to move kept me glued right in the same spot, warm and cozy. When I finally did get around to getting up and out the door I was greeted by the winter wonderland pictured above! Which kind of makes me feel warm, toasty and relaxed. After this week it's nice to see the world around me just slowing down and taking a break.
The now is expected to continue through the rest of the weekend, so i'm planning to lounge around the house, watch some movies and do a bit of spring cleaning. A perfect weekend of rest and relaxation and de-cluttering my little life.
Anyone have any good Netflix Instant choices you would like to share?

I may also do a little perusing of Etsy! I found a beautiful little shop today called Freshy Fig .

I have also fallen in love for eab design ....

and last but certainly not least, Be Something New .

Happy Weekend everyone!

~ &hearts ~


capperson said...

Oh my goodness I absolutely love all of the birdie and owl jewelry and those head bands are adorable!!!

ChloƩ said...

that etsy side is the cutest!! oh man i want stuff now!! and i am so happy it is friday too! it has been rainy here, but i wish we could get snowed in so we could just stay home and lounge all weekend and not feel guilty! oh well, i will probably do it anyway! hehe. love ya girl! have a great weekend!

Becky said...

ooh love all your Etsy finds! And that view of the snow looks like a catalog picture-so pretty! Yeah for the weekend! :)

Caroline said...

That Owl locket is AMAZING!!! Great finds!! xo Have a lovely weekend!!

Bridget said...

hey...that winter wonderland pic looks familiar! oh yeah...it's because you took it right outside the window in my cube :)

Anonymous said...

i love your etsy finds!!! and your view is gorgeous we'll be having a winter wonderland view tomorrow morning even tho im not too thrilled about it!!! have a great weekend!!!

KLaw said...

Admittedly, that looks pretty cozy! I wish I had a reason to stay in all weekend!

xoxoKrysten said...

Those are all SO PRETTY! I love pretty sparkly feminine jewelry.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

we are expecting lots of snow this evening and all day tomorrow - WHEN I AM SUPPOSED TO BE SHOPPING!

I love those birds!

Ela said...

Oh it's picture perfect!
LOVE those pendants/lockets and that last headband, swoon! I may just have to DIY something this weekend, feeling crafty :)
Happy weekend!

Rasha said...

i love everything!

Cristin said...

Nice photo... looks framiliar :)

Anonymous said...

jenni, nice to hear from you this afternoon. hope you find yourself and warm and snuggly under your covers with a favorite flick.

i just love winter images like yours...(thanks for sharing)

oh, how i love your etsy shop choices and picks, they are all so pretty.

the "choo choo" train should be arriving at your doorstep soon. hope you find them to your heart's content.

have a warm and fuzzy weekend.


Amber said...

Okay...so this weather is perfect for staying in. We are planning to do the same thing. Making homemade pizza tonight. Yum!

I watched Food, Inc on Netflix last night. It is all about our corporate food industry. I cried three times. It will definitely open your eyes and has made me really reevaluate some food choices.
Also...the other movie I was going to watch was Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. I have never seen it. Let me know what you guys end up watching!

Marian said...

Seriously, we have so much snow here and it's still coming. However, those Etsy shops, I'm loving:)

Have a fabulous weekend

Selma said...

awwww...how beautiful is that??? as much as i dislike winter and snow such pictures are just proof that it can be beautiful and not just plain ugly. :)
love the headband. :D so wanna get all of it now. ;)

have a terrific weekend girl. xoxo

Juliana said...

Um...I am madly in love with you blog--just sayin! I am your newest follower and I hope you will follow back too. I am really excited to see you plan your wedding. My wedding day was the best day of my entire life!

stepfabulous said...

Wow, so I had to go purchase the little turquiose bird on the gold leaves like right away! I just got it!