May 18, 2010

The skies are clearing!

Today is a great day! Why?

1. It's the beautiful Summer's Birthday, and she got the best news ever!!! Please go by her blog and wish her wonderful wishes and glorious good thoughts!

2. I have another interview tomorrow morning for a Marketing Manager position! Please wish me luck!

3. The sun is shining after a week of being wet and dreary, and today I laid out in the sun reading a book with this little ball of fur making me laugh every few minutes!

4. Spencer and I went out this weekend and found the cake plates for our wedding! (with the help of his sister) They are perfect! We can take out the ribbons and leave the cut-outs or place in new ribbon to match our wedding colors! Super excited for this find!

5. I'm going to walk into my kitchen and make some fiesta fajitas! Chicken cooked with a drizzle of lime and covered in all the fixins for burrito goodness!



Simone said...

Good luck with the interview honey!!! Let us know how it goes, am sure it has to go better than the cattle market the other day. Am still laughing at them emailing you to thank you before the interview had even taken place LOL!!

I'll be round for fajita please, am on my way :)

PS Voted for you as many times as they would let me! xo

Punctuation Mark said...

wish you luck and hope that if you love the job you can get it!

MCW said...

I just had a delicious lobster roll with Ms. Summer, but those fajita's look yummy!

KLaw said...

Good finds! I always wanted to have those cake plates. Just to have. They're so pretty!

Gwen said...

Good luck on the interview!!! I'm sending positive thoughts your way!!! Keep me updated!!! XOXO

Jen said...

Chicken fajitas? That's so funny, that's what I was going to make too!! Guess great minds think alike? Or is it beautiful minds? ;-)

Anyways, good luck on your interview and keep us posted! We're dying to hear how it turns out.

Kristin said...

LOVE that shot of Summer enjoying her 'rita!