June 25, 2010


My tummy is smiling!
Tonight Spencer and I went out for dinner
to Red Lobster!
mmmm I had some yummy crab legs and lobster!
I am seeing it as a celebration
because things are beginning to get better!

Our air conditioning died on us yesterday...
right as I finished a really tough yoga session!
It was unbearable!
We couldn't get to sleep until 1 a.m.
it was just so hot!

the repairman was able to come today
and right now I am back to sitting in 
beautiful, wonderful artificial cold air!
LOVE it!
SOoooooOOOOoooo Happy!!!!
In other news
Spencer and I got our insurance check!
I could just kiss my agent! Everything went so smoothly!
We even got more back than we thought possible!
I am sooo excited to go deposit it tomorrow
and get some things taken care of!

I also got some things I ordered a few weeks ago!
The  Limited started it's 70% off red hot sale
so I picked up a few goodies to add to my 
"when-I-have-a-job" wardrobe!
A pretty blue dress
A skinny belt (in gold)

A frilly sea green scarf

A sparkle sash

and some silver earrings!

Now I just need the job!!!
Love you all!
Thanks for the kind wishes and sweet words over the past few months!

PS-I also got my newest Shape magazine...
sooo as soon as I finish my workouts tomorrow (Yay p90x!) 
you know what i'll be doing!
 If I read anything interesting i'll let you all know!


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yay for good things (seriously thank goodness the insurance payment happened so easily!)
I love that sash and those earrings!

Corinne said...

Oh I am SOOOO happy things are turning around for you two! I'm SO happy your insurance business was taken care of quickly. I know when my parents barn burned down it took forever, and when you live on a farm...the barn and what's inside is very important...and let's just say our insurance company wasn't too much in a rush.
And everything you picked up from the limited is SUPER cute!

MCW said...

Such exciting things...Can't beleive your insurance check came so quickly! Amazing...

Jamie said...

Yum! Crab legs are my fave! Congrats on everything working out!! That's so great! Love the goodies that you bought! So lovely! Happy day to you!