July 22, 2010


Good things are happening today!
  The House passed unemployment benefits!
Seriously, I was about to run out at the end of September...one month before the wedding...
unless I find a job soon! This is a LOAD off my mind!
♥   Spencer did P90x yoga with me this morning! Woo!

♥   I might have figured out something new and exciting for our wedding decor!
♥   I have an exciting birthday saturday coming up with
a fabulous cheeseburger dinner & cupcake desert!

♥   My puppies are being well-behaved for once!
♥   Spencer and I are hitting the gym tonight, having a nice dinner and relaxing
♥   Class is over in 1 week!!!!!
♥   3 months and 1 day until the wedding!!!
♥   2 days until i'm 26!!!!!

What are your exciting things for today?


Marian said...

The work day is actually flying by.
Reruns of CSI are on tonight
Tomorrow is Friday
Receiving RSVPs for our wedding!!
(thats the best one:)


Anonymous said...

whoa! very exciting!! happy for ya!!!

cheeseburgers and cupcakes i can have anytime and that is great news about the house.

have a happy and marvelous birthday weekend jenni.

ox ^-^

Simone said...

Oh Jenni, I am so glad for some good news for you honey, you deserve it.....phew!!

And bless that lovely Spencer little heart for doing yoga with you....he is one special guy for sure, like we didn't know that already ;)

Yay for birthday Saturdays!!!!! :)

Thank you so much for your lovely comments today....I always hearing from you....you know I think you are one Very Special Girl too, you are a star xoxo

Meghan said...

I love all of your good news! YAY!

My exciting things? I am celebrating my one year wedding anniversary this weekend!

MCW said...

Funny email for a guy, great workout and a delicious dinner which canceled out my great work out but was worth it!

bananas. said...

happy early birthday!!! and woohoo only 3 more months. bahhhhh that is exciting!!!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Happy early birthday! Mine was last week and the celebrations are continuing this weekend, so that's something I'm excited about.

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

Happy early bday!

~KS said...

Cheeseburgers and cupcakes?!?!?!?! Can I please come over for dinner :)