August 23, 2010


2 months until our wedding!!!!!!

I can't believe that it is finally the last 2 months before the wedding!
We still have so much to do, and I am hitting the gym hard from here on out!
(I've been slacking lately...)
Today I am introducing a new feature on my page...
I will be posting each and every day about my gym-going activities
so I can be held accountable!
Feel free to mock me when I try to make excuses for my NOT going to the gym
and praise me on the days I go. :)
AND a for a little extra fun, I invite you all to comment on my posts 
with what you have done to get healthy that day!
It's time to get serious people!!!!
As the first day of me getting serious, and my first official post...I just completed my P90x for today.
I hit ANOTHER new goal, and over the course of my workout completed 218 pushups!
Yes! 218!!!
I am now nourishing my body with some raspberry cheesecake yogurt and replinishing with water
In 30 minutes it will be off to the gym for my second workout of the day!

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Morgan said...

Hooray! Two months is nothing! This time is definitely going to fly by! Enjoy every moment. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

218 pushups in ONE WORKOUT SESSION??? omg! TWO WORKOUTS in one day??? Another omg! Pretty sure you're gonna look fantastic in your wedding dress. :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

girl, you are nuts! but i like all kinds of nuts so that is why we are bffs!

KatiePerk said...

You are hardcore!

ag. said...

um 218 pushups?! that's insane...i consider myself fairly it but can hardly get to TEN! you're amazing!

i'm off to run tonight while i begin training for a half marathon...will be checking in to get inspiration from you! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You are amazing! Keep on going girl!

~KS said...

Only 2 months?!?!?!?! Eeeee!!! I remember you posting about getting your ring like it was yesterday...

and 218 pushups?!?!?! ROCK ON LADYCAKES!! You are amazing... you are going to inspire me to get my butt to the gym!!

Kimbirdy said...

holy moly! 218?! damn! i'm seriously impressed and inspired.

only 25 more days until my wedding - gasp! it flies by when you're trying to plan the most special day of your life right?! good luck with everything!