August 7, 2010

Weighing In!

I had planned to do this Wednesday, but things have been crazy around here and I forgot!
So this is my official post to welcome back "Weigh-in Wednesday!" I know I know...its been to long!
When I began this weight loss journey back in March, I had a long way to go...I had not been working out, eating well or treating my body well. I made a commitment to completely overhaul my living habits! While I will admit i've had the weak moment and indulged in cookies, from time to time I have never been more proud of my body. I have some weight to still shed, I would love to see my collarbone soon (I think collarbones are sexy)...... but I feel truly amazing! 
Through a combination of working out, eating healthy and doing the P90x program I have officially changed my life...but it was NOT easy. Spencer's sister said it best when she told me that for months I was working hard, and no progress was really showing....but now it's all finally happening!
She was right. I was gaining muscle, but I still had the fat taking up residence in my body. My mom told me to go to the doctor...that it could be a thyroid condition because that runs in our family, but I refused to give in that that was what it was. I wanted to see the results I had been working to, and now I can!
Over the past few months...this is what i've noticed....
   My strength has grown daily! Recently I have been able to hold the plank position in yoga and push through each pose, i've been able to get myself into the side plank and hold it! I've been able to do hip lifts, and one armed hip raises on my side. AND just this past week I was able to complete the entire shoulders, arms and chest P90X dvd completing 105 push-ups in addition to a TON of weight lifting exericises.
   My appetite has decreased, and it takes much less food for me to feel full.
   I look in the mirror and I don't see the flaws. I see the progress!
   When I touch my shoulder I feel muscle. My skin is taut, and my body is becoming lean.
   Yesterday Spencer and I began putting up a privacy fence in our backyard and rented one of those huge machines to dig the holes for us... I was able to help him. For 3 hours we went around our yard, lifting the huge machine and carrying it to each place, and then holding it in place as it drilled into the ground. 5 months ago, there is NO way I would have been able to help him do this...holding it in place alone was making my muscles quiver...let alone lifting it and moving it place to place!

But, my measurements alone speak for themselves....
Since I began my journey I have lost...
12 pounds of fat
10" from my waist
4" from my hips
1.5" from my neck
6" from each thigh
2" from each upper arm

I am so proud of myself!!!
And I am so proud that the progress is happening and the weight is leaving me!
For all those girls who work out and don't see the numbers change....just stick with it ladies!


And PS- I got an A in my summer class! My official GPA is now 3.5!


Kayla said...

Way to go. I am trying to get on this track too. Seeing stuff like this is inspiring. 10" from your waist is seriously jaw dropping!

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Morgan said...

AMAZING! Congratulations!

Kell said...

You're inspiring! This post made me want to completely change my eating habits and exercise habits! Good job, I'm glad it's been worth it :)

MCW said...

I am so proud of you! 10" from your waist is crazy! Wow!

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Rachel said...

Congrats!! What an awesome accomplishment/achievement!

Kimbirdy said...

damn!! that's so awesome! it took months for me exercising daily before i started noticing those same results - that i could finally lift heavy things, feel full faster, have more energy - but once i started noticing the changes my motivation to work out skyrocketed! i love feeling healthy! you were a big inspiration in that for me, so you don't just have your own progress to show for your hard work, you can pat yourself on the back for me too. ; )

Meghan said...

That's incredible! I am so happy for you - keep up the great work!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

How awesome! Way to go :)

Gwen said...

Congrats girl!!! I'm so proud of you!!! XOXO