September 3, 2010

EEP! (Not to be confused with Meep)

Everytime I say that word I think of this guy...
haha, but that's ok because i'm so excited and life is going great!!!!
First things first, I am doing so well! I haven't been able to make it to the gym as much this week because I did some freelance work and have been bunkered down editing photos all week long... but all my hard work has increased my metabolism and I lost almost 3 lbs. this week! YAY! I also measures myself today. If you remember, my wedding dress came in early almost 2 months ago, and I was about 2" shy of it being able to close at the bust (I'm "blessed" with a large chest). Well today when I measured myself I was almost 2" UNDER what I need to be!!! It should fit like a dream now, and I can't wait to try it on at my moms house! Which makes me feel great because when I ordered it it was supposed to be in in mid-september so I ordered a little smaller, knowing I would get myself down to that...and i'm right on schedule since it's just now September!
Second, and totally going AGAINST my healthy update post above.... Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate is back!!!!!! 2 years ago I got HOOKED on this stuff! It was perfect for a day of shopping on the Plaza (an outdoor shopping area here in KC) keeping me warm, and it tasted delicious! in fact, I sometimes even had a shot of expresso added to it. Last year I was DEVASTATED to learn that Starbucks hadn't brought it back! I wrote letters, I did a post on this blog... I even joined a community for those who wanted to bring it back! must have worked because it's here!!!!!!!!! YAY! I enjoyed mine tonight by sitting out on the back porch watching the puppies play!
Third....fall has arrived!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Kansas City today! Clear blue skies, nice cool breezes....Absolute perfection! I could almost smell the change in the air, and while sitting outside a leaf slowly floated down from the tree, and was bright yellow! I can't wait to see our backyard again in all its beauty!!!!

Fourth...Some friends come into our lives right at the moment that we need them the most. While Summer and I have never met in person, my days are never complete without a friendly hello and some g-chat action with Summer. She came into my life right when I was starting to lose a grip on what was going on. She is an amazing friend, and one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life. Right now she is going through a lot. Her father is going through medical problems, and they are proving to be the kind of challenge that can make, or break a person. If he is anything like Ms. Summer....well I just know that one day he will look back on all of it, and be amazed with what he has overcome. Please stop by B is for Brown to leave her kind words, read his story and maybe send a special little note to her amazing father. Someone who truly deserves it.

Fifth, I went shopping for my sister tonight, and happened to wander into Aerie for the first time. I always thought it was just underwear and camisoles...but oh my goodness it is AMAZING! It is definitely my new favorite store! Everywhere I looked I fell in love! Gorgeous sweaters, ridiculously soft pajama pants, beautiful jewelry...and well...the underwear and camis were soooo cute!!!
Here are a few of the things that I found to be drool-worthy...
I this skirt.
this sweater.

the softest, most comfortable pants EVER!
I this bra.
 I these little lounge shorts
I this workout jacket.
I this sports bra. (and I own it now!)

They also have a crazy amount of REALLY cute sport headbands, dressy fashion headbands and really really pretty jewelry! (none of it is on the website. It's in-store only). I  Aerie!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Mine will be filled with celebrating my sisters birthday (dinner and a trip out on the pontoon boat), replacing the shutters on our house because all the paint keeps chipping off! (Apparantly only one type of the plastic/affordable shutters you can repaint) and spending some quality time with the fur-balls and the mister. 
Have a good one everyone!


{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Aerie is one of my favorites! :) I always go there first, because I just know I'll find something. My friend discovered it last year for the first time, too. Ok, I introduced her to its awesomeness. ;)

Happy weekend girl. :)
Happy fall to you!!!


Simone said...

You sound so great Jenni, I love it!!

I said hi to lovely Summer....pop over to my blog when you have a minute, I need a favour xoxo

Corinne said...

I've never been to Aerie - but now I'm definitely putting it on my list next time I'm out shopping!

Congratulations on your achievements!! Your hard work has paid off!! YAY!!!