October 26, 2010

Top 10 Marriage Advice

-- from many, many, long time married couples!--

Jenni here at She's Getting Married is, well, GETTING MARRIED!!  She kindly requested some guest bloggers, and as you can see, I volunteered!

I know that Jenni will make a beautiful bride and I cannot wait to see pictures to get my own ideas for my upcoming nuptials in May!
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My name is La Tache and I just recently began my blogging hobby over at Smiling if Good for your Teeth! I am very much enjoying meeting everyone and bridging my real life and my virtual life! 

My Sweeter {Fiance} and I are getting married next May and we are planning a semi-traditional Catholic wedding. Which means that we have gone through all of the marriage counseling and gone to the Marriage Prep Weekend with the diocese that my church is part of, it also means that we are getting married on a Sunday, so we won't have a full Catholic Mass. One of the recommendations that Padre Juan {see Marriage Prep for a full explanation of the nick name} has requested of Sweeter and I is that we talk to other couples and ask them to give us advice on marriage, anything from finances to communication to family. So I have done just that, I have asked basically every couple that is in my immediate life to give me some tips and pointers!

Recently, a family friend who we don't see too frequently learned of my engagement and said the nicest
thing I have heard yet {and we have been going at this since at least May 2010} She said to me: "I hope that your marriage is blessed with as much happiness as mine has been." No one has started our conversation with such a positive comment and I thought that this was the most inspirational wish!

The advice that I have received from almost all couples:
1) Remember that it is important to have a lot of things in common with your spouse and it is ALSO important to have interests outside of each other.
2) If you share your finances, it gives you something to communicate about and it will aid in avoiding most fights and arguments.
3) Make sure to keep talking...well into your years...and remember to listen when your spouse talks to you. 
4) Marriage isn't always rainbows and gumdrops.
5) When the times get tough, remember what made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place.
6) Every day is a compromise-embrace it with open arms.
7) Do something for/with your spouse every day to make them feel loved and special (i.e. cook together, or make him/her lunch to take to work/school).
8) Talk about your day, and listen when your spouse tells you about theirs.
9) Remember that you are a team-in every part of your life.
10) NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY--Always kiss good night and kiss when you wake up {despite any morning breath :-)}.

May Jenni's new marriage and new life be blessed with the most love and happiness! Congrats again to the beautiful couple!

Thanks, Jenni for letting me take over your fabulous blog for the day! I hope you all enjoyed my post and remember: Smiling is Good for your Teeth!


Ellinor Forje said...

I love the halloween cakes you've posted. I want to eat them. All of the. i also have a Halloween special on my blog. So come by when you have time.


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I love a fellow AGD! Found you from LaTache's blog she and I were in the same chapter! Great tips!

Caroline said...

Great post! These are great things to keep a successful marriage!

Jess Herbig said...

Great advice!! Hooray for Jenny!