October 31, 2010

Tricks or Treats

Hey Ladies...Marian from Escaping the Single Life here. Hope everyone has been enjoying their tricks and treats this year. T-H-I-S girl has been spending a little TOO much time with those pesky little candy corns...they get me every time. But speaking of treats, how about our girl Jenni...ain't she a Treat with a capital T! So happy for her and can't wait to see pictures of her big day. I'm dying!!!

Sooooo....First comes love, check. Then comes marriage. Check. Then comes a baby in a baby carriage....and in honor of Halloween, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Halloween costumes a la babies.

Just a hunk a hunk of burnin' love

These peas look good enough to eat

Are you kidding me with this adorableness

A Little Marian will totally be rocking this!
I would squeal in delight at this spider

And how about a few for the dogs...since they are my babies (for the time being)

Legend of Sleepy Howwwwwl

Pure perfection for this Harry Potter FANATIC
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Now, go and enjoy the last remaining winks of Halloween. Pop in a scary movie, grab some hot apple cider, and munch on some of that candy...no one's watching....or are they

PS- Jenni, I hope you are having the most fabulous honeymoon...relaxing and just enjoying the life of a newlywed....and I hate to be selfish, but please hurry home so I can get updates STAT:) I know you were the most beautiful bride...but I want to SEEEEEE it.



Nicole said...

I love the Harry Potter costume! That is so creative!

I hope you're having a wonderful time Jenni!!!

gown preservation said...

Wow great pics...thanks for sharing...Happy Halloween...

Krystal said...

My pup was a headless horsemen! :) So cute!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Congrats Jenni!
And what fun costumes Marian!!

A Real Housewife said...

i'm a little jealous of everyone that gets to see the new harry potter come nov 19th. baby nolan is due to arrive the day before. le sigh...i will have to miss this movie and wait for it on netflix.

Kristin said...

The dude was a spider this year...but that baby looks like she's cooperating a whole lot better than my lil' man did. HA!