November 22, 2010

My favorite things!

Lately, I have discovered a few new things which I just adore!
It's impossible for me not to share them, and shout it from the rooftop!
So, for all of those ladies out there who love a good recommendation....
Here are a few of my favorite things...
1.  Victoria's Secret Crop Leggings! (mine are from the PINK line)
I absolutely ADORE these leggings! I bought a pair a few weeks ago, and now don't want to wear anything else when working out! Not only are they cute, but they actually stay where they are supposed to! I find myself constantly tugging workout bottoms back up when I jump around a lot, but these pants stay EXACTLY where they are supposed to stay! If you have ever had the problem of waistbands inching down then DEFINITELY try these out!
2.  Selena Gomez's new album, A Year Without Rain
This CD is fabulous! It's filled with one fun upbeat song after another! It just makes me want to start dancing the second it starts playing. I definitly love it when i'm at the gym, but it's also a great way to blast through the house when you are cleaning or getting ready for a night out with your girlfriends! So much fun!
3.  My Kindle
 Ever since I got my Kindle I haven't stopped reading! I can sit with my Kindle in one hand, a fresh cup of coffee in the other, and easily flip the pages with one hand. it's become my favorite way to wake-up each morning, and it feels good to be reading so much again! 
4.  Nike Zoom Trainer Essential II (mine are in Green)
 I have found that my running shoes aren't exactly the best shoes for Zumba. The heel is wide for stability when running, and they have a lot of traction so I don't slip when running. I almost tripped in class the other night when trying to turn quickly during my Zumba class, and decided that the time had come to invest in a shoe I can move in. My new Nike Zooms are flexible, mesh and have multiple stability points so I can move freely, and cushion my feet at the same time! I love them. :) And I got them for only $40! (originally $80)
5.  Panera's Orchard Harvest Chicken Salad
I just love the cherry blasamic vinaigrette, the sweet punch of crisp apples and dried cherries, nuts and crisp romaine! A perfect combination for a healthy Fall treat!
6.  American Eagle Slim Boot-cut jeans
 These are my absolute favorite jeans! They have a relaxed fit, look great even when a little wrinkly and have just enough stretch in them to provide a great fit, but not look slouchy. Love love love them!
7.  Eureka!
 Spencer and I have been watching this show on Netflix instant over the past few weeks, and I really love it! It funny, smart and always exciting! Some shows it feels like the same topics are just visited over and over each week, but this one definitly always has something interesting to say!
8.  Victoria's Secret eyeshadow
 This is the BEST eyeshadow! My sister told me to try it after a friend of hers (who swore by MAC eyeshadow) told her it was the one to beat! It goes on smooth, has just the right amount of shimmer, provides a great pigmented color and stays on all day long! They have sooo many different shades, and they are only $10 a piece! (and you can catch them on sale from time to time)
9.  Express Cami's
I love camisoles. I wear them under just about everything, workout in them, lounge in them....and the long cami's from Express have been my go-to cami for 5 years now! They are great for long-waisted girls like me, with lots of stretch and curve hugging fit. I won't even TRY another brand! Plus, with so many colors, which constantly change with the season, there are always new ones to get! These also go on sale often so you can be sure to stock up at a fair price. :)
10.  The Luxury Plush Throw from Restoration Hardware
These blankets are amazing! I have had mine for 2 years now and its still as soft and silky as ever. I got my grandma one for Christmas last year  and she kept it out year-round. A perfect blankie for snuggling up on the couch! Now I need to get another one so Spencer and I both have one and he stops stealing mine!

All of these things are 5-star rated by me, and you should definitely check them out! What's your favorite thing lately? Maybe its clothing, makeup, or even a new artist! Let me know!


Morgan said...

Love that you shared your favorite things! The throw looks so cozy. And I hear you about the Kindle... I got an iPad and can't stop reading books on it!

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing! I am def gonna try the eye shadow and have to get one of those blankets, they look so comfy :)

Marian said...

You are like Oprah and her favorite things:) Love the blanket!!

~KS said...

Now I want to go shopping... stop at Panera for lunch, then curl up on the couch, fall alseep listening to Selena and wrapping up in a plush blankie!!!

Annie said...

i am loving your list!! i want a pair of those crop leggings!! they are so cute! i'm going to check them out right now! ;)

have a great day sweets!

Chiara said...

That salad looks and sounds amazing!!
Thanks for sharing your favorites

Amber said...

Be honest - do the VS yoga pants stay in place? Because I need some workout pants, but I hate it when you do a squat and your booty shows. So I'm looking for some good gear.

Love your list!

Emma and Andrew said...

Great review on the leggings I need some that dont move. isnt that a pain? AND i want that plush throw! looks so fuzzy and warm!

Kym said...

those blankets look soooo soft!!! i could really use one in this weather! haha! you guys should definitely consider taking some bride/groom photos outside in the snow! It was ridiculously COLD but the pictures are going to turn out amazing :D

Eva said...

thanks for this list! I really want a kindle so bad...but feel I might miss the tactile experience of a real book, yknow?

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

loving the list! i need to try out some of these things.

Candace said...

I got the PINK yoga pants and they are fabulous as well! And the eyeshadow is great too! I bought one color and I got back all the time now for more. Great choices!

Styles 'n Cream said...

Thanks for all these recommendations. I need to try the VS capris. Much cheaper than Lulu pants

Amanda* said...

Those plush throws look so cozy! They make me want to snuggle back into my bed :)

Cydney said...

I'm going to have to try those camis! I have a long waist too, and a good cami is a hard find! Thanks for the tip. :)