November 10, 2010

Our Wedding Ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was perfect. 
It was simple, it was about the love that the two of use share, 
and it was exactly the way I pictured it being. 
Our officiant made every effort to make sure that our ceremony was special and unique. Non-denominational ceremonies, she says, often just have the word "God" taken out of a standard script. We didn't want that, and she didn't want that for us. We met with her twice leading up the wedding, and she e-mailed each of us separately. She asked us questions about one another, how we met, the feelings we have when we're near one another and the simple things that make our love so great. We didn't hear any of this until our wedding ceremony, and I am so glad we didn't. Hearing those words for the first time and staring at the man who was about to become my husband was one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced. I did tear up from time to time, and I heard a lot of sniffles coming from the audience during our short little ceremony. I'd decided to share my favorite parts of our ceremony with all of you. The moments that made me smile to myself and the words I will always remember.
On Marriage:
It can often seem as though marriage is the culmination of love, or the end point of the journey that begins with “falling in love.” But as all of you who have been married know, and as you, Jennifer and Spencer, are beginning to discover, marriage is not the culmination of love, but only the beginning of the journey. Today, in the witness of your dear friends and family, you begin to travel as partners on the path of love. 
In a true partnership there is no need to hide any part of yourself for fear of being judged or rejected. You are safe in the presence of your loved one. In a true partnership, the individuals are able to flourish, protected by the canopy of this love, each secure that they will love and be loved more for having grown as an individual.
To Spencer:
Jennifer loves you very much, Spencer, and the wit and sense of humor that you bring into her life.
She is amazed by your kindness and intelligence, by your love of words and language, by the surprising connections that you see in the world, and the way you can always see potential for improvement. As you grow into your marriage, I hope that you can always see ways to tinker, and to improve your lives together.
To Jenni:
Spencer loves you very much, Jennifer. The moment he sat down at that booth on the night before
thanksgiving, your first date, he knew it was, in his words, his "destiny to be with you." This from a guy who doesn't much believe in fate; for a pair who resisted their sisters' matchmaking attempts all through high school. It surprised him to realize that maybe he always knew that it was the goody two shoes band girl and the punk rock kid buried in his sketchbook who belonged together. And though it will not be fate that gives you a successful marriage, I hope that you continue to feel lucky, that the work doesn't feel like work, and that as Spencer said, it just feels right to be with your best friend forever.
Our Wedding Rings:
The circle of the ring represents your love and the promises you have made to each other today. The circle is the ancient symbol of eternity: the cycle of the seasons, the rise and set of the sun and moon, and the movement of the earth through the heavens. Your rings will remind you of the pledge of partnership and love you have made today, and your place in the circle of life. And when you have
been together for a long, long time, you will look at your rings and you will feel the indentation they have made on your fingers, and you will know that these rings contain all of the memories of what your lives and your relationship have been.
Mr. & Mrs. Schaub
Spencer and Jennifer, we are honored to be your witnesses today, and our greatest wish is that you continue to challenge each other, learn from each other and light up the sky for each other for the rest of your lives. On your wedding day, may the dreams you share bring you hope and the beliefs you share bring you peace. Ladies and Gentlemen: I present Spencer and Jennifer Schaub!

I could not have asked for a ceremony more fitting of the love we share.
I will treasure these words always, and I know Spencer will too.


Morgan said...

Beautiful through and through!

Marian said...

Literally tearing up reading this. It sounds so perfect!!

Corinne said...

I love how it was personalized to fit exactly who you two are! How beautiful!!

~KS said...

Couldn't be any more beautiful... or perfect. So you.

So happy!!!!

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Simone said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jenni, so beautifully written.

Can't wait to see wedding pics Mrs Schaub! xx

Chiara said...

This is so beautiful!! I love it when a marriage ceremony is personalized, it is that much more special!
Congrats again

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Congrats on the beginning of your journey - lovely ceremony script!

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wow! this is beautiful! congrats!

Sara said...

your ceremony was beautiful! thank you for sharing it with us.