November 2, 2010

staying sane through the engagement

Hi everyone!! My name is Mara from M Loves M. I am so excited to be guest posting for Jenni today! It's the last day of guest posts so she should be back tomorrow. I'm dying to hear all about the wedding and their beautiful honeymoon in Mexico! I've been reading Jenni's blog for over a year now and I remember when we both were two girls with boyfriends. Now she's married and I'm engaged! Matthew proposed to me in September so I decided to share some tips about staying sane throughout the engagement process and how to focus on the most important thing..marrying the love of your life!
1. Start off slow..enjoy the fact that you're engaged!
2. Look for venues first, especially if you have a specific date in mind. They often fill up over a year in advance! 
3. Think about the most important aspects of your wedding. For me it's photography and getting married in our church and for Matthew it was the outdoor ambiance. If you focus on what's important you can realize where you're willing to sacrifice.
4. The guys don't always need to be included. If there's a bridal event, bring a girlfriend!
5. Remember: you're not just planning a wedding, you're planning a marriage!
Do any of you have any tips for staying sane throughout the engagement process? I know I'm probably missing a bunch!

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Congratulations to Jenni & Spencer! I am so so happy for you both!



badgley mischka wedding shoes said...

It's an amazing feeling after getting engaged. Starting a new life, changing so many things fot the good, and planning so much stuff is fun.

hiven said...

this is lovely.
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Nicole said...

Mara, this is really great advice. Now I just need to find the guy! ;)

Marian said...

Congrats!! And what great advice!! I'm sure everything will be perfect

Kym said...

Jenni!!!! Just came by to congratulate you!!!! I am so happy for you guys, all the best in your new journey together! Hope you're having a blast on your honeymoon!

Kinsey Michaels said...

great guest post Mara, and I love the pics that you selected to go along with your tips.
Jenni, hope you are having a FABULOUS honeymoon!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

these are GREAT pictures! Great post!

Michaela said...

Such a sweet post! Love the pictures :)

Jenny DB said...

Great tips Mara. As always, love your photos!!!