December 3, 2010

BIG news!!!!

My heart is beating like a jackhammer in my chest...
elves are dancing in my tummy...
overall...I am NERVOUS!
I have a job interview in 10 minutes!!!
I'll update you all later with more details...
Things might be finally starting to look up!

In the meantime,
check out this adorable header that I made for Rhonda

She was the winner of Lauren's giveaway for a custom illustration by moi!
The pup is her puppy, Bailey. :)

Well, time to go bite my nails and get pumped for this interview!
(It's on the phone)

Ps-sorry I didn't get any wedding photos up... there are more coming up, 
and they are some of the most amazing ones!


Corinne said...

Best of luck on the interview!!!

And that header is adorable!

Morgan said...

Good luck!!

KatiePerk said...

GOOD LUCK!! Hope it goes great!