December 31, 2010


Happy New Years!
Every year since I was little I remember making resolutions...and none of them ever stuck! How was I going to know what I would want in 6 months or even remember I had wanted it! My resolutions in 2009 were all about making myself a better person, and i'm proud to say I did just that! Here are a few of my accomplishments from 2010 that you may or may not know about...

♥   I lost a total of about 20 lbs! But more than that, I feel healthier. I look in the mirror and I see glowing skin, healthy hair and I feel stronger.
I fit into a size 12...HUGE deal! It's been YEARS
I am currently reading my 36th book of the year! A lot of these books I had been meaning to read for years, and it was nice to finally get a chance to! My plans at the moment are the finish the Tolkien series, and then read the Steig Larson Dragon Girl series...after that who knows!? Anyone have a great book I simply MUST read?!

(The Lightening Thief, The Sea of Monsters, Orbiting the Giant Hairball, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Titan's Curse, A Technique for Producing Ideas, Group Genius, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass, Water for Elephants, The Time-Travelers Wife, The Last Olympian, My Horizonal Life, Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea, The Death and life of Charlie St. Cloud, Harry Potter series, Eat Pray Love, The Hunger Games, The Red Pyramid, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, Deception Point, Digital Fortress, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Darm Treader, Matchless, The Lost Hero, The Hobbit and now The Fellowship of the ring)

I made a decision to get myself back to the gym AFTER the wedding. Many women can motivate themselves no problem with a looming wedding date, but many do not got back when the wedding has passed. I think I may actually be in better shape now!
I learned to accept who I am and love myself because of it. For so long I beat myself up about things I was unable to change. Now I accept myself, flaws and all, and only worry about things which are in my own power to improve.
I finished up 1/2 of the classes toward my Masters degree. I'm on a hiatus right now with the wedding, and now the possibility of a new job, but I do plan to start back in Summer 2011 hopefully!
I no longer feel bad eating cookies or chinese food! They are my favorite foods, and all it means is extra motivation to keep going to the gym! No one should have to feel guilty for indulging in their favorite things every once in awhile.
 I started doing some home decorating. When we moved we did a lot of work on our home right away, and then stopped because we got burnt out. Since then things have sat as they were...over this past month Spencer and I have started changing things and making it a bit more homey! I should be sharing some photographs in the coming yeat.
 I starting re-connecting with friends who I had spoken to as often, or at all, over the past few years. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many people and for that ring to be constantly growing.
 I continued blogging as often as possible! Sometimes it got a little difficult to keep up, and I did have to take a break back in March while I tried to gather my thoughts, but i'm so glad i've continued on this blogging adventure, and I am so grateful to every single one of my lovely followers! Somehow it makes this world seem like a much less big and scary place to have met so many amazing ladies across the globe.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 2011, and makes it everything that they want and more. 
If I have learned anything this year it's that life is what you make it.

 "It's a dangerous business...going out of your door. You step into the Road, 
and if you don't keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to."



BelleinBows said...

Wow! What a wonderful 2010 you had. Big accomplishments there! Can't wait to see what 2011 holds for you.
By the way, your header looks great!

Linz said...

Your 2010 has been a year of accomplishment! I hope 2011 is even more awesome. :)

I'm going to put Unfriendly Monster on the back burner for a little bit as my cousins and I build up The Dunce Cap. :) We'll take turns blogging, so it'll be more consistent. I hope to see you there!!!

Meri said...

I love that first picture!
What a great year- here's to another one even better than the rest!

Jenna said...

you had some amazing accomplishments throughout 2010. congrats! i am so happy i found your blog--i look forward to following!

happy 2011!

Ashley said...

GREAT post! and congrats on your weight loss - nothing better than feeling good about yourself! :)

Simone said...

What a very inspiring post Jenni, Happy New Year!! xxxx

elledee said...

great post :)