December 18, 2010

Making a List...

No, this is not a Santa reference. I am a list maker. I love having a planner, writting things down (in pencil) in my best handwriting and checking things off. With this new job interview being in January I have been searching for the perfect planner! If they ask me questions about dates, its always good to have your planner with you. And I will of course need it if I get the job so I can write down details for each city I go to! My biggest problem with planners however, is I can never find one that answers all my needs. I like having the full month view, and writing everything in it but I get frustrated when having to flip through the entire book to find the week/day and often times just don't use it. 
When I stumbled across the Laurel Denise 2010 planner, I knew I just HAD to have it!
It's designed in such a smart way! With the weeks placed in the book so that you are able to see the week and the month all at the same time! How genious is this? And the tabs with their rounded edges are so clean, with a blank page at the front of each month to make a little To-Do/Checklist! Better yet, I ordered it last night...and this morning she had shipped it out! I'm so excited to get in in the mail!
Cheers to 2011!


steph c said...

Ohh I like this. I can never find a planner that has everything I want/need, but this looks great!!

Marian said...

Oh, I'm in love:)

laurel said...

hi jenny,
thanks for blogging about my planner! hope you love it :) happiness to you in 2011.