December 14, 2010

Project Distraction

So my final interview which was supposed to be this week, has been pushed to January! I guess the president is out of town until the new year. Speaking of, this final interview is with the president and the CEO! Talk about intimidating! No HR rep for me! I am sad it got pushed back... and irritated. I was really looking forward to going, and this wait sucks. To make it better i've resorted to distracting myself as much as possible.

Holiday To-Do List

1. Helping the sister-in-law build 10 ft. trees, paint a bathroom and spread Christmas Cheer. CHECK
2. Wrapping all of the presents, and tying each with a pretty bow. CHECK
3. Exploring Etsy for cool new items, and shiny pretty things. CHECK
4. Ordering custom Christmas cards to show off our wedding photos. CHECK
5. Changing the name of my blog and designing a new header. CHECK
6. Starting a new book. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It's really great so far! CHECK
7. Bake cookies! Ginger, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Fudge!
8. Finish up the Christmas Shopping
9. Make a wreath for my office
Still a few things to check off!

I Love the Holidays!


Rachel said...

Looks like you're making your way through your holiday to-do list! And The Book Thief is a great book, you'll love it! Promise...

Gwen said...

You're bringing me cookies and fudge right? Can't wait to see the wreath when you get it all finished up. :)

Simone said...

LOVING the new blog name Jenni :) I think I have been with you through 3 blognames now, does that me extra special LOL?!

What a shame you have to wait for your interview, ugh? Still I see you are being positive as usual....and a fab new job in January would be great wouldn't it?!

I have been reading "The Book Thief" forever, I just can't finish it altho everyone I know just loved it! I am going to pick it up again tonight :)

Take care sweetie xx

Kell said...

Until January! Holy cow. I'd hate that.. it gives me more time to overthink the interview and get nervous for it. I'm positive you'll do wonderful though, and snag the job!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Jenni, you have most of your list checked off! That is awesome!! I want to see pictures of this wreath you make for your office! I have always wanted to make one. :)

Kristin said...

You've wrapped all your presents? Lucky!