January 23, 2011

4 of 52

I can't believe we are already into our 4th week of 2011! Time is just flying by! I am following along with Mara as she makes 52 small resolutions this year, ones that can be accomplished each week. Last week my resolutions included being ready to go with a smile every morning, which I can happily say I easily did! How could I not arrive smiling with such a great job!? I also wanted to finish up the Lord of the Rings series, which I have been reading since December and start a new book. I REALLY knocked this one out of the park by not just finishing "The Return of the King", but also reading 2 more books and starting a third! The books are simple fast reads, but really cute. They are the first 3 books in the Janet Evanovich series! (Or the Stephanie Plum series as many call it) All of the books are about a girl named Stephanie Plum who becomes a bounty hunter to make some cash. Hilarious and adorable! 
In a few short hours I will be heading out to St. Louis for a week of working, meeting people and doing a little more training. I am really looking forward to it, but you may not hear much from me since I am not sure whether I will have a computer yet. Never the less, here are the things I want to get done with this week!

Week 4
1. Finish up the book i'm reading, and start another! (Maybe I'll finish 6 books this January! I'm already at 4!)
2. Be ready to go each morning, be early to all meetings and be ready to learn!
3. Start my new workout regimen. I am for sure going to try to go to the gym each night since our hotel has a great one, but I also want to start incorporating sit-ups and push-ups each night. Maybe 100 of each? I was well over that this summer but it's been awhile, so maybe it will be 50 in the morning and 50 at night!
4.  Do something fun with my hubby on friday night when I get home. Just the two of us :)

So there you have it. I think this week is going to be fantastic, and it feels nice to be able to regroup and have a new set of things to get done and hold myself accountable to each week. I hope you will decide to play along as well! Have a wonderful night, and a fabulous monday! 

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Kim H. said...

I popped over because you're a new follower thanks to Summer's giveaway - and I have to say that I'm staying because your blog is so adorable AND you also have a Boston Terrier! I have one as well and she just keeps me in stitches because of her personality.