January 3, 2011

Keep me out?! Heck no!

When people say they have New Years Resolutions, I get a little negative... Why do big changes have to only happen on January 1st? Why can't they be year round!? All that happens when people try to make changes at once is that the line at Panera is a mile long with "healthy eaters", The gym is packed to capacity with "hit the gym-ers" and my patience is wearing thin! Don't get me wrong, i'm all for people getting in shape but how about June?
Example, I head to the gym tonight for Zumba. It's my favorite teacher so I know I need to get there a little early to make sure I get a sticker...40 minutes early and they were ALL OUT! What is a girl to do?! Well... THIS girl ran home, took an old sticker, put a piece of white paper over the green numbers and wrote a new number down in orange highlighter! (the color they used for the night) Maybe I broke the fire codes, but not for very long because 1/2 way through the class about 1/3 had walked out! And THAT friends is my problem...if you want to do it, then DO it...if not, don't ruin it for the people who do (IE: the people who go every week and got turned away because of a full class)
After class tonight I sat down to watch some TV and catch up on blogging when I ran across this lovely little blog from Mara! Why not have a year of resolutions? Take it a week at a time, and strive for big change in the long run! Well Ms. Mara, you are on and I am in! Each week I will be joining Mara in posting a goal for the week. Maybe it will be one big goal, and maybe it will be a few small ones... but I think it's important to be vigilant and start fresh each week! I am so excited! 

My Goals for the week of January 1st!
To get to Zumba early on Tuesday & Thursday so I can get a dang sticker! I will NOT be turned away and I will wiggle wiggle all class long!
To completely rock my interview on Wednesday! I am so nervous for this interview and the VIP way they are treating me! I really want this job, and I am ready to IMPRESS! My outfit for the day you ask?
The "Drew fit" bootcut pant, a salmon pink ruffle top and a black cardigan with ribbon detail.
You Like?
I love the way everything looks together, the top fits a little more snug on the hips than it looks in the photo, and I will leave it untucked, and the black cardigan will be buttoned up to the bottom of the ruffle so if kind of spills out. Like a business suit jacket would do, but a little softer. I'm planning to wear some black pumps and maybe some pretty earrings with my hair up.

♥  To finish reading "The Fellowship of the Ring". One of those series I feel I need to read, and i'm about 92% of the way through the book! I'm guessing with 2- 1 hour plane rides and a few hours to kill in the airport it shouldn't be a problem!

Three whole "resolutions" for this week!
And I think I am really going to keep them all!



Marian said...

I think you are going to keep them as well:)

Romance In A Glance said...

Love the outfit and good luck!

Love your post about Resolutions...I agree! You should check out what I wrote about them!

Have A Romantic Day & Check My Blog Out,
~Romantic Savy

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

good luck!! love the weekly goal idea. i'll definitely be following along :)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Good luck at your interview! You'll do great and you'll look fabulous :)

MCW said...

I actually want to go back to the gym, but refuse to do so for like a month. Don't want to be grouped in with New Year-ers. Ha

Jessica Turnbow said...

Loooove that salmon top!