April 15, 2011

Roses and Thorns

Happy Friday!
via KLaw
Last night it stormed like there was no tomorrow, luckily there is!
This morning I woke-up to a little bit of rain and feeling very refreshed.
I am relaxing with my pups, lying on the couch with my coffee 
and watching the DVR'd shows I missed this week.
A great end to a great week...

Roses to my sister and her new Illustration blog! She is an aspiring children's book illustrator, and started a blog to get her work out there in the world. This is her first piece she is sharing. If anyone wants some beautiful custom illustrations for a nursery or kid's room get in touch with her!!!!
  Roses to coming home yesterday, before the big storm hit last night. I hope everyone in Memphis is ok today as the storm rolls through!
Roses to the almost private plane ride I took yesterday. Just me, one other guy and the pilots. It was so nice to take a little nap without having a random stranger's face only 12" away...
Roses to the beautiful homecoming I received from my adorable little fluffballs as they pranced, danced, snuggled and loved on me as if I had been gone an entire month!
Roses to my fresh cup of coffee, brewed in my own coffeepot!
Roses to this song... because I simply love it, and sing it in my head every week as I head off to the airport. It almost makes me smile so much!

Roses to my beautiful garden and all of it's flowers! Everything is really coming up beautifully and it makes me smile to see it all! We just put down some grass seed and weed killer in our front yard, and I can't wait to see the results in a few weeks time! Now, I just need some pretty hanging baskets with some beautiful flowers to hang off the front porch. (I will be sure to take some more photos!)

Thorns to temperatures dipping back into the 40's today. I really want to get outside and do some more yardwork, and the rainy day is keeping me inside.
Thorns to sore muscles from gardening! It hurts to squat down....
Thorns to being away from my hubby... next week is another week in Memphis, then i'll be in Dallas, followed by a week in Chicago and then 2 weeks in, I believe, Michigan. I hope I can spend a week at home sometime soon!
Thorns to freezing a gallon size Ziploc filled with strawberries....and forgetting to chop off the stem/leaves... It's making it way more difficult to make some strawberry smoothies!
Thorns to my hubby ordering a pocket-knife, and then sending him the wrong one!
Thorns to getting back into the mode of exercising! I really need to get on it and start going! Luckily, with all the yardwork i've been doing and healthy eating I have been losing weight, but I need to really get going!
Thorns to my friend getting rid of her 24 hour fitness membership..... Any KC ladies out there want to be my Zumba buddy once a week on mondays or thursdays!?  I'll be in town for one, or the other, most weeks!

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!!


Summer Athena said...

your sisinlaw's work is quite impressive. i adore it all.

Summer Athena said...

ps - the song is amazing. wow. chills.

Jennifer said...

Your sisters art work is really good!

Simone said...

Hi honey :)

Long time since I've called in to see you, I've had lots going on so really need to catch up :)
Been reading back through your posts....sounds like the new job is going really well, I am imagining you as a glam executive cruising through airports around America ;) You are busy!!
I bet Spencer and those little babies of yours sure miss you :)

Your sister's work is really good!

Take care xx

Morgan said...

Ugh! Sorry it's in the 40's. Miserable! Wish I could send some of our 80's your way!

Kristin said...

Your sister is super talented! Wow!

Claire Kiefer said...

So cool that she's an illustrator! And yes, that's a beautiful song. Hope the weather gets better soon!

Laura said...

you can make smoothies with the strawberry tops. i don't think it really changes the flavor and you get a little extra green. you can turn that thorn into a rose. have a good rest of your weekend!