April 18, 2011

There's no Place like Home...

I've got to admit...
I'm a little nervous to head out to Memphis tomorrow morning.
Weather is supposed to be rainy and cold here in KC, with heavy winds in Memphis.
It's not just the plane ride that worries me...it's what might happen this week.

Living in tornado alley, i'm used to having tornado warnings...
but I have never actually been close enough to one to be scared.
Sure, they have gone through my hometown from time to time,
but i've never heard those loud screaming noises that announce a tornado's arrival.

In the past 3 days, the southern states have been hit by no less than 200 tornados.Some small and almost insignificant...and others large enough to throw cars, destroy homes and uproot trees. They struck in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississipi, Virgina, Alabama and left devestation in North Carolina....The death toll has officially risen to 45...22 in North Carolina, six in Virginia, seven in Arkansas, seven in Alabama, one in Mississippi, two in Oklahoma. But it's not over...Another storm is getting ready to hit the lower part of Missouri, Alabama and Tennessee over the next few days...starting tomorrow. Kansas City doesn't seem to be in the destructive path, so at least I can relax that my puppies and hubby will be safe...but it's a little nerve wrecking to be heading into the storms path.
Some people would say I am nuts to even go, but anyone who has been in a tornado filled area, knows that warnings are many, and destruction usually hits one place and misses the next. Tornados are not like Tsunamis, destroying everything in sight...they are a little bit more covert, and literally destroy one house and leave the one next door untouched. One in particular hit my hometown a few years ago. The Arbys was destroyed...but the Taco Bell next door was left standing.

There are a few things to remember when Tornado's strike...
1- If the sky turns Green, keep an ear out for warning sirens.
2- stay away from windows and doors. If possible get below ground, and if not go into a windowless room and cover yourself with thick blankets.
3- if you are caught out on the road, get off of the highways. Tornadoes tend to follow the highway systems. On highways, there are less areas where the wind is blocked, so they can continue down the highway without coming across resistence. It may seem like a good idea to stay on them so you can get away, but heading off the highway and onto residential streets is probably your best bet.
4- Don't be a storm chaser. Sure, it sounds like fun to grab a camera and go outside to take photographs...but seriously...just get somewhere safe. Warnings for tornados are only given a few minutes from when danger strikes. Tornados jump and can come down anywhere, with no warning. Don't be stupid.

To all of those who were affected by the tornado's destructive path this past weekend, my thoughts are with you. I hope the next few days don't bring more tales of destruction!
Stay safe everyone!


Summer Athena said...

thinking of you, honey. stay in touch.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Ugh I've been hearing about the nasty weather on the news. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the tips. I am 10 years old and it's nice to that people want to help others so please everyone try