April 20, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

In honor of Easter being just around the corner...
I felt it necessary to share these amazing sculptures, made from everyone's "favorite" iconic candy!
Today's Wednesday Wonder is...

The Peeps Show!
sponsored by The Washington Post

2011 Grand Prize Winner
 "Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue"
2011 Finalist
"Split Peep Soup Company"

2011 Finalist
"Angry Peeps"
2011 Finalist
 2011 Finalist
"The Mupeep Show"
 2011 Finalist
"The Peepstones"
 2011 Finalist
"Peeparing for the Flood"
Nothing can beat the winner from 2010 though!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter!
Make your peepscape!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh my gosh Jenni this post made me so happy!! I don't know which one I like best - probably the UP one because I love that movie! So so cute!

Jennifer said...

I love peeps so much! This made me smile =)

Jenny DB said...

Great post :-) And in honor of easter I wills hare one of the funniest easter related things i've ever read! http://27bslash6.com/easter.html
You're welcome :-)

ApachesPrincess said...

These are amazing! I love the Split Peep Soup one and the UP one is also stunning!

melissa said...


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~KS said...

Hee hee... these were so cute :)

Hope you and Spencer had a lovely Easter!!