April 12, 2011

Weekend Warrier

The past few weeks I have returned home each weekend,
and spent my time pulling, pushing, weeding, bending and squating.
I have been turning my flowerbeds from overgrown to gorgeous!
 This tree is in the front of our yard and over the course of 3 weekends I have pulled weeds, cut twigs, re-laid mulch and planted some beautiful hyacinth, and another pretty little white flower in the bed!
 Aren't they pretty!?
 I also pulled all of the weeds from the front of the house's landscaping. Everything was overgrown and messy. I put down fresh mulch, pulled weeds and trimmed back dead branches. I now know the importance of cleaning out the beds at the end of season every year so that things don't get so messy and overrun!
Each day when I completed my work I would go to the backyard, lie down on the chaise lounge and relax while staring up at the sky and treetops. Ocassionally there may be some sunbathing and reading involved in there. So relaxing, I just love ending my day outside!

Today I took a lovely tour of Memphis and will tell "ya'll" about it soon...
for now...I am going to sleep!

Have a happy wednesday everyone!

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