May 3, 2011

Chillin' at the Holiday Inn

Where am I this Week?
 This week I am in Alton, Illinois... which is right outside of St. Louis, Mo!
When I travel for work I always book through Priceline. I name my own price, and shoot for the star rating I want, in the area I want to stay. I stay at a LOT of Holiday Inn's. Sometimes, they are great...Sometimes, they are falling apart. There really is no common thread between them all.
Luckily, this week's Holiday Inn isn't too shabby!
It's a little outdated (tube tv and worn-out dresser), the carpet has lost a little bit of its plushness....
but the bed is comfy, and they have a nice pool, hot tub AND sauna!
A 40 minute swim followed by a 10 minute hot sauna is fabulous!
Makes it a little easier to put up with the out of date look of the place.
Although, not as cool as the Holiday Inn pool from last week!!!
Jets, rock border and a waterfall coming down from the hot tub. It was nice :)
Now, i'm relaxing in my comfy bed, and I have to admit...
I am officially OBSESSED with "The Voice"!
It's so fantastic! I love the judges are blind to who the singer is, until they choose them. I have never been a fan of American Idol... but there is something about the anticipation with this show. The voices are AMAZING, and my heart beats a little faster each time I wait for a judge to hopefully turn around! Such a great feel-good show. I think American Idol is finally going down, and will be replaced by this fantastic new show. Although, I am curious if I will still like it once the teams have been chosen and the suspense is gone....

This weekend I finished a fantastic book.
I hadn't wanted to read it. I actually had already begun reading it once, and I put it down. Second time was a charm. While I found myself irritated throughout many parts of the book, it really kept my attention. A total roller coaster of emotion, and I have to admit that I REALLY want to see the movie now! It does help that Ms. Kate Hudson is in a starring role... I just love her in chick flicks! When she ventures to other genre's i'm not AS big of a fan... but How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars, Alex & Emma.... she just does so great in them! 
The new book I am reading is....
I started a few weeks ago, and then had some issues with my Kindle. This morning I picked it back up, reading it on my back porch with a warm cup of coffee. I am completely drawn in, and already almost 1/2 of the way done! A real thriller, and it is keeping my attention for sure! I just love books that make it unable for me to put them down!
I hope everyone has a great week! 
The weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL here in St. Louis!


Gabby said...

Sounds like you are having a nice week! I've read both of those books and I really liked them :)

Morgan said...

Youre like Carmen San Diego!! And you'll love the book!!

SG to SP said...

I've read both books. Loved Something Borrowed and the follow up Something Blue so I really want to see the movie. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo took me a while to get into but after the halfway point it's really addictive.