August 2, 2011

I am electrically challenged

No joke... in the last few weeks I have:
  1. Pulled a camera out of my purse, had my work phone get tangled in the cord and watched it somersault through the air in slow motion landing PERFECTLY in a big cup of vodka lemonade... I mean, if I hadn't ruined the phone, it would have been the coolest thing I have ever seen...
  2. LOST my internet card for work! I have looked high and low and the damn thing can NOT be found! It's driving me absolutely bonkers
  3. Had my work printer get a paper jam, and promptly REFUSE to be repaired! My husband and I have both spent time trying to repair it, but our only success is that it has started printing half of a page before it goes....dead....
It's been ROUGH ladies! I think part of it easily can be attributed to the fact that I am a zombie trekking across the USA. I went from spending a full week in Denver Colorado which was all in all EXHAUSTING. I worked about 13 hour days and didn't stop until around midnight each night, martini in hand. After that, I headed to Portland, Oregon which completely just blew me away! It was an astonishingly beautiful city, so lush and green and gorgeous...I had so much fun, explored the city a bit and took lots of photos! I intended to share those photos...but then I got sent to Omaha Nebraska! Now, Kansas City is only about 3 hours from Omaha, so I decided to drive.... yeah.... I forgot that the entire midwest is FLOODED! I had to drive all the way up to Iowa and over to Omaha! It took me a rousing 6 hours! The week was a disaster, with one dissapoint after another... the only saving grace was that I got to spend it with my good friend Nuala! My boss sent the two of us.. I think she predicted it would be a disaster and didn't want either of us to spend it alone....
So I came back from Omaha, had to write a 15 page paper about the events that happened there...and promptly boarded a plane at 6am monday to head out to Chicago Illinois! The entire team met in Chicago to unveil a new program we are doing, and so I spent a week in classrooms and hospitals, led a full 5 hour classroom for 10 photographers, a regional director, 2 district managers and my entire team! I apparently did a phenomenal job and am ecstatic at how everything ended up :) After that I was sent, yet again, to Chicago.... it was a long week, lots of sad news...but I digress.
This week I am back in Kansas City, preparing lots of paperwork based off of our trial in Chicago. If all goes according to plan I get to be here for 3 full weeks before heading out to St. Louis!!!! I am soooo happy right now. Enjoying time with the hubby, getting a LOT of things accomplished and getting back to the gym...because damn girl... I need it!

Other highlights of the past few weeks:
   Being so tired I would laugh and cry at random moments.
   Meeting a guy in a hotel bar in a small town outside of Chicago, who recognized me as being the photographer who took pictures of his newborn in a small town in Texas back in March! Who also told me I was ridiculously awesome and an amazing trainer! He even pulled out his phone, which had the photos on it, to show me!
   Cocktails poolside reading a good book.
   Celebrating my 27th birthday, with my husband enjoying a delicious meal and getting a beautiful brand new bed! (photos to come soon!)
   Sweltering in this RIDICULOUS heat wave!!!!
   Starting, and finishing, my 7th grad school class! Only 5 to go and I have a Masters degree! The end is in sight

So happy to be home!


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I hear you on sooo many of these! happy your home!

Jennifer said...

WOW...that is a LOT of traveling. Glad to hear you are home now. Try to relax when you get the chance.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Yay for celebrating 27!! And stay cool over there!

Blicious said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!


Melissa Blake said...

welcome home!!

Juls said...

what a busy life you have :)

Perpetual Blind Date said...

Goodness! A sumersault into a cup of vodka is quite unfortunate! Luckily you had some pretty positive things going on to balance it out! - Alyssa

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