September 26, 2011

One of those mornings....

I'm having one of those wrong side of the bed mornings...

  • My legs are so sore I look like an old crippled woman who lost her cane. I think it's from using a different type of machine at the gym....
  • I went to make my coffee this morning and my bean grinder wouldn't start! I had to use a stick blender thing and so my beans didn't get ground as well as they normally do....
  • I had lots of emails coming in with requests from the moment I woke up...
  • I leave for California tomorrow morning SUPER early... which means, I am the the LUCKY recipient of a wake-up call well before the sun even THINKS about rising... . I It's rare that I have such an early flight for work. Usually it's a little closer to 8 or 9 when I head out.
 But I don't want to stay all negative this morning...I need some excitement and something to look forward to! Good thing I leave for Portland in a week! It's all I want to think about and I keep finding my mind wandering to what we will do while we are away! I think I want to hit up the famous VooDoo Doughnut, and stop at the Saturday Farmer's Market... I'm IN LOVE with the idea of seeing the International Rose Test Garden and Japanese Garden... but what else should we do while we are there? So far we have a LOT of walking and a LOT of eating on the schedule :) I also found out about this great sounding like bakery/coffeeshop called Random Order Coffee. But it's not the coffee that keeps people coming back.. It's the Pie!

Talk about delicious! This Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple Pie looks like a golden apple among pies and I can't wait to give it a try. I'm not normally a pie person...but for this I think I might have to become one!
Have any of you ever been to Portland? 
What was your favorite thing you did while there?

I also got a brand new phone today!!! Spencer was able to upgrade my MyTouch 4g for only $5 to the MyTouch Slide! So now I can type and hopefully not have as many typos...  Plus the camera on that baby is fantastic! Now I just need to get it all hooked up and ready to go. :)

My morning has definitely gotten a little bit better as it's gone on. My coffee tastes good, my emails are answered and i'm spending time with my puppies. My phone arrived, and I got some homework done and figured out topics for some upcoming assignments for school! It feels good to be ahead of the same and if all of that weren't enough...Etsy's main page has he CUTEST collection of Halloween goodies this morning that I just fell in love with...
I just love Halloween! It's for sure my favorite holiday of them all!
Happy Monday Lovelies!


Morgan said...

Jealous of you going to Portland! Never been but would love to go.
And thanks for the blazer tip! I'll be checking that out tonight!

along came splendor said...

Love these halloween decorations! It's hard to find seasonal and holiday decor that doesn't look like the kind my mom puts out. Sorry, Mom.