November 7, 2011

Platform 9.75

Its the most wonderful time of the year!
I have been one busy little lady lately... traveling, going to wears on you...Luckily my semester is ALMOST done, and after tonight, my individual presentation will be done and I can focus on my group project! Today is a very dreary day here in KC, and as I work from home I find myself longing for some Harry Potter time....Season 1 baby. LOVE all of the excitement and beauty! 
Speaking of the ol' HP....Spencer and I went to his co-workers Harry Potter themed Baby Shower last night, and we did a few things to help out. Spencer made butterbeer! Yup, he got it right! The perfect recipe for a fizzy, butter-scotchy delicious drink! And I made a sign for the entrance... Welcome to Platform 9 3/4....
We created a stencil and sprayed it on a 12x12 piece of plywood. Now I need one for myself since we gave this one to the lady having the baby! (Colors are a little off in the photo but its white, gold and hogwarts express red!)

Other exciting things going on lately.....
  I was given a full time permanent position with my company! I have been a contract employee for the past year, and after a wonderful training session that the president witnessed...they opened up a new position for me! YAY!
♥   Spencer and I are finally getting some fun things done around the house and putting some of our artwork on the walls. I'll have to post photos soon. :) It's making everything feel so homey!
♥   Its the most wonderful time of year! I love the fall season as it transitions into winter. The hoodies, the warm beverages and the dreary days spent snuggling. I just LOVE the fall!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!
Wish me luck on my presentation tonight!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Congrats on the job offer! What wonderful news!!! Shows that you've been busy doing great work this year! :)

Summer Athena said...

Congrats to you, love!!!!! And the sign is great and how about sending that butterbeer recipe our way???

just tututiny said...

Awesome news. Congrats on the job! Have a great weekend.

Bon Bon said...

hooray for the honest-to-goodness-real-deal job:-) Great news! xoxo

Blicious said...

congrats on everything and your new job!!


Aline said...

hands down the coolest baby shower theme i've ever heard of!

natasha {schue love} said...

Congrats on becoming FT at work! Great timing with the new year around the corner too!

clairemaxwell said...

A HP themed baby shower sounds like an absolute dream! Congrats on the job. X

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

congrats on your job!
I love the idea of a Harry potter themed baby shower, really a fantastic + creative idea!!

The Urban Umbrella

~KS said...

SUPER congrats on your permanent position!!! So happy for you!!! I know you've been working your tail off!! Woo hoo!!!

And love the HP sign... very awesome!

Annie said...

Ah that's SO fun....a HP themed it :)

The Other Side of Gray