July 31, 2012

Denver, Bok Choy and Harry Potter!

Happy Tuesday
This week seems to already be moving along quickly and it's a beautiful day! I am having dinner with three friends tonight and I think it should be a good time. Sadly, the reason for the impromptu get-together is that my friend found out her boyfriend of 8 years cheated on her in the home they share... poor girl. He was not a good guy, but its still terrible for her to have it end this way...
In other news I will be going to Denver soon! My firm merged with a firm there and I am one of the lucky ones who gets to head out for the celebration reception! YAY! I just LOVE Denver. Bonus: My old boss lives there and I am hoping I will get the chance to visit her from time to time. :)

The only bad thing upsetting me today is that America's Got Talent isn't on this week. I love my little Tuesday ritual, and i'm sad i'll have to wait until next week to become lost in some great talent! It's my summer obsession :)

Today I Love...
Bok choy!
How on earth could I not know about this delicious little leafy green treat? I sauteed it with some chicken and garlic for dinner the other night. DELICIOUS! (and nutritious) and did I mention its super simple and fast to prepare? 15 minutes and it was to the table!
This illustrated Harry Potter poster
I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I have to say that I think this poster is fabulous. Every chapter illustration from all of the books in one poster! How great is that?
These BEAUTIFUL envelopes from Sideshow Press
I am in LOVE with these! How exciting would it be to receive a special letter in the mail and open it up to see this?!
and last but not least... the monogram necklace from Baublebar... le sigh.... I will get you soon!

Well, that's all folks!

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