July 16, 2012

I am a LUCKY girl!

I am an Apple fan. My first Apple was a Mac 17" Powerbook... and it lasted me for 9 years! Toting it to and from college, taking it on trips and logging millions of hours on that laptop...and it is now officially gone. Over the last week it has been slowly dying...opening up on a black screen with a thin white line, or a rainbow of colors. Sadly, I needed a new computer... and I needed it soon seeing as how school starts back for me soon!

I've been debating which of the new Mac's to get. The air is affordable, but will it give me enough power to do illustration and photo editing. The 13" mac pro was nice, but small and didn't give you retina. The 15" was beautiful but expensive! Spencer and I decided to go up to the store and compare the models in person. So yesterday we headed off to Nebraska Furniture Mart to check everything out and do a little comparison shopping. Of course I fell in love with the 15" Mac Pro w/retina screen.... but I thought i'd have to wait...

Well I officially have the best husband in the world because he got me one as an early birthday present!!!!!!!!
I am in love with my new Mac. It's beautiful, top-of-the-line and I can't stop smiling! Now I just need to get her loaded up with some Adobe and i'm in business! (And yes, she is a lady) :)


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