August 20, 2012

Yikes! The School Bells are Ringing!

I can't believe August is almost over, and school is upon us all! I have been in classes since January 2008, and tomorrow I start my last class (not including my Capstone in the spring). It's been a LONG road, and I am super excited to conclude it and put away the books. Unfortunately I have to suffer through the next 3 months of finance before I can do that! ick...
However, come May 2013, I will have a Masters Degree, and all of the hard work will finally conclude in a REALLY expensive piece of paper. I am so happy that I started school when I did. I fear that had I put it off I never would have gone back, and I can't even begin to imagine starting back now!

In other news, I had a wonderful weekend culminating in pedi's & mani's with my mom, sister and Grandma. It was so much fun and a memory I will always remember. Grandma was just so cute when they tickled her feet. I just hope that there will be many more memories to come... We should find out the results of her last test today or tomorrow, and will finally and officially know what is going on and what stage she is at. It's hard to stay positive, but I just know she is going to be ok. She has to be!
I needed a fun fresh color to say goodbye to summer. LOVE this Aqua color.! 
Have a happy Monday!

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