November 26, 2013


It's been a long time since I posted, but this year has been a year of changes. I began a fitness journey back in February with a goal of simply becoming healthier. I wanted to eat clean and start incorporating exercise into my routine. Of course I wanted to also lose weight, but that wasn't the priority. Three months again Thread Eleven posted a 90-day fitness challenge, and I figured, why not! I went ahead and participating, not changing much, but really making sure to keep myself accountable. I had some moments that were tough to get through, but overall i'm really happy with what i've been able to accomplish in 90 days! I'm currently in Second place, which makes me incredibly happy :) (The winner so far is a good 200 "likes" ahead of me) So even though I don't see myself getting another 200 likes to compete with her, I still want to share my results and show off that i'm proud of myself for the hard work.

Feel free to go and "like" my photo here.
I'm just proud of what i'm done.
Cheers to another 90 days of great results!
Come Spring, i'll be running in my first 5K and will hopefully have lost even more!!



simone antoniazzi said...

Hey Jenni, great to read your update! You are doing SO well, that's a lot of inches lost, good job!

Hope you are well :) X

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Alpha Gam Sister!!! You go girl!!!

Nicole said...

Done & Done!! Great job =)