February 26, 2009

Top Chef

I may not agree that Padma and her fellow judges showed good judgement in picking last nights winner. But, in her decorating her decisions are flawless. 
I absolutely love her kitchen. The steel accents on her cabinets really pull the place together, and I love her cubby hole bookcase. it really opens the room up and makes everything more accessible. I however, may not wear a white gown when i'm working with food. Spencer and I have talked about getting a fireproof safe to keep our valuables in. I love the idea of protecting paperwork and family photos, but i've always wondered how I can fit it into our home without it being an eyesore. I think Padma incorporated her safe wonderfully. I think the old fashioned look of the safe works as a pretty sidetable when paired with soft roses and silver framed black & white photos.

I love the swing her living room. Who doesn't love a swing and a little whimsy?! I would love to get a pretty swing and hang it in a book nook in front of a large window. hmmm...on second thought...maybe a hammock. :)
.....and I want her closet..... drool.....

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