February 25, 2009

Things that make me happy.

Being a Jayhawk
The crispy end piece of french bread
Puppy breath
Crisp spring days
Being in class and realizing that I'm in the right place
Pink in unexpected places
Going to the dog-park and pretending to be a dog-owner
That feeling after a good strong workout
A clean apartment with fresh cut flowers on the table
New underpants
Listening to Charlotte Sometimes and imagining I'm not working
Shoe shopping
The smell of garlic cooking
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
Sarah's cinnamon rolls
The Pixar short at the beginning of the movie
The excitement of getting a new Netflix movie
Getting on the scale and realizing i've lost a pound when I feel I should have gained one
Soft fluffy blankets
Wilbur's snorts and squirrel-in-a-blender noises
Strawberry Cheesecake Ben & Jerry's
Daydreaming about the future
Weekends when Spencer is off of work
Watching "The Holiday" on a cold morning
Crawling into bed for a few minutes after a long day at work
Laying in the sun

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