March 30, 2009

Spring has arrived!

A crazy snowstorm hit this weekend and covered the ground in slush and a good 6" of snow in some places! It was a little scary to say the least and as I drove around town going to my moms house and a hair appointment, I couldn't help but wish I was home with my snuggly blanket watching a good movie. I did make it home alive however and i'm glad to say that the tulips outside my front door survived near death from frost as well!

It was a very eventful weekend despite the snow and I got a lot done! Friday I finally went out and bought my new running shoes at the Nike store. I really love them and they support my crazy high arches! After that we went and saw Monsters vs. aliens in 3D which pretty much was the best movie I have seen in a LONG time! It was fantastic! Funny, creative, attention grabbing and I got to wear some sexy 3D specs!

Saturday I took some beautiful photos of Collin at my moms house. I'll post a few later on. He's so patient and just laid there as I captured photo after photo.

I wish the weekend had lasted a little longer, but alas it had to end. Luckily this week is starting out great! In just an hour I will be eating some delicious frozen treats. A celebration of how great it is to work here at Burns & McDonnell!
I knew I worked here for some reason...
Ice Cream!!!

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