March 26, 2009

Thursdays are fantastic. Grays Anatomy is on tonight, and tomorrow is friday! I'm really excited for the weekend to start. I am finally getting my hair done (It needs it bad) on saturday afternoon and we're going to go see Monsters Vs. Aliens! I am super excited to see it! Sunday Andi & Jason will hopefully be in town and so Spencer and I are going to mom's house to spend time wih Collin and have a little photoshoot. Andi says he's grown quite a bit in the past 2 weeks, so i'm really excited to see him! Bonus, I have lost 2 lbs. since my last weigh-in! YAY!

In other news I am totally inspired by this new photographer! His name is Rinze Van Brug and his work is absolutely beautiful!

Whenever I get married I would love to do our engagement photos in this fashion. Although, maybe a little bit happier..... haha

I also ran across the best new instructional website called "Calligraphy 101".

It teaches you a "semi-homemade" way to create beautiful calligraphy. The blog writer said she was inspired by the show "Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee" and decided to incorporate it into design. For full instructions go to
I may just have to practice up and start a side business of printing calligraphy for wedding invitations. Could be a great way to bring in a little extra income!

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