April 20, 2009

Make me smile.

I've decided that I love seeing new exciting photographs, and when I don't have one my blog just feels imcomplete. Today I share with you a photo from a year ago. It's my mom and Tim on a hot air balloon ride. I went to take some pictures of them before they took off on their lovely adventure, and I was pretty jelous to watch them take off into the skies for such a romantic ride!
Spring is finally arriving, and it felt truly amazing to sit in the apartment this weekend and just relax and re-charge with the fresh breeze breathing life back into our home. Spencer was off on sunday and we spent a lovely afternoon visiting some very nice...and some not so nice... homes. Who in the world thinks they can charge a fortune for a home with a big crack running the length of the living room wall I have no idea...but aparantly there are a lot of them!
After our excursion we visited Sarah and Zach and Sarah and I went on a grocery store run. I got some beautiful onions that I can't wait to cook-up and simmer! Spencer also got to spend some time with his new baby....his baby being his new scooter. He looked so cute as he grinned ear to ear and rode up to sarah and I, proud of all of the work he has done to make it run "almost" like new.
This is going to be a really crazy week. I have a 20 page paper to write, and I have 7 separate photo shoots this week here at work. I'm excited though because some of them will be outside and I can enjoy the beautiful spring weather that is slowly creeping into the metro area! Now, lets hope my allergies stay at bay!

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